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Project on Improving the Efficiency of Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital

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Briefly describe your project or the project scenario.

In line with its strategic goal to serve its community better, the Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital should invest in state of the art technologies that would improve efficiency in the hospitals. For example, buying capital equipment such as Hospital Healthcare Monitoring System that uses the wireless sensor networks (Aminian, &, Naji, 2013)

Explain the changes and benefits that you expect to see because of implementing this project.

Many changes and benefits are expected to accrue from the implementation of the projects. For example, there will be less medication and medical errors due to accurate and timely diagnosis and intervention. The hospital would improve its efficiency as the number of hours spent doing the paper works would be reduced as all the doctors and nurses would have timely access to patient information at the click of a button (Zheng, 2010). Additionally, the patients image would also improve the improved patient care. The nurses would be more responsive as they will be provided with smart devices that are wirelessly connected to the whole hospital Healthcare Monitoring System. Patient and nurses will recognize the changes in the hospitals efficiency and quality of care.

Describe the leadership skills necessary for successful completion of the project.

The most important leadership skills necessary for completing the projects is change leadership. The person in charge of the projects should have necessary leadership skills for implementing change, interpersonal commutation skills, personal resilience, trust building, networking coaching and motivational skills. These skills are necessary for leading change and overcoming resistance to change from the hospital staff (Hussain, 2014).

Which leadership skills, in particular, does your workplace (or this project) need to pay attention to, and why?

The hospital needs to pay specific attention to the facilitative Communication skill. The proposed system is unique, and many staff may fear to lose their jobs because of the new system. The leader should be compassionate in his communication, listen to staffs verbal and non-verbal queue, respond in a non-authoritative way, and solicit constructive feedback because this is the only way to achieve win-win and buy-in from all stakeholders (Allen, 2005).


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Aminian M, &, Naji R (2013). A Hospital Healthcare Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks. J Health Med Inform 4:121.


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