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Geriatric Health and Resource Center of Greenwich Hospital

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George Washington University
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Case study
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With the growing need to fill the existing niches in the delivery of health care as well as enhancing services and revenues, segmenting the market by disease has become paramount. Segmenting the market by disease seeks to address particularly the services required by undergoing a certain condition or disorder through a comprehensive review of the needs as well cross traditional service lines. The elderly in this case are the main targets given the dire need to improve their access to health care services. Arguably enough, some of the major conditions associated with the aging population include diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary diseases, stroke, as well as asthma. Through service provision such as outpatient care, rehabilitation and fitness, respite care, adult day care, group living as well as home health services.

High levels of research funding as well service development among the aging population has been necessitated by advances in technology, increased sub specialization as well as higher levels of research funding. A good number of neurology programs are increasingly becoming feasible for community hospitals. Though majority of the health systems and institutes render health services to the aging population, there is still need to reconfigure and design them so as they can be more patient focused, accessible and visible to the community. Neurologic institutes are a hub for research on strokes, Parkinsons disease, Alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, balance as well as sleep disorders. There is need to reorganize and market existing services more productively so as to be in a position to serve the general population in an efficient way.

In Kurdistan region of Iraq, there are numerous Kurdish refugees many of who are victims and casualties of war. The events especially in the last few decades have deteriorated the national Iraqi health systems leading to a surge in the need to adopt a new health care system. One of the priority needs of health system is the need to adopt social insurance for medical care of the poor, enhancing the family medicine role, adopting an efficient health system as well as occasional scientific evaluation of physicians as well as other health staff.



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