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Format Family and Consumer Science: Report on Wilson Associates

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Sewanee University of the South
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Wilson associates is a hotel service company that offers luxury living for families and customers. I chose the company because it will help me in the future in my field of work which is hotel and catering. The study of the company makes me understand customer preference and effective ways to communicate with customers. The company has also enlightened me on the growing technology in hoteling that is used on their websites and the company.

I chose this pin because it shows how the hotel looks like giving the consumer an idea of what the place offers. The architectural design of the site attracts customers to the hotel. There is also the portrayal of luxury using the car. Customers get attracted to the car because it a once in a lifetime opportunity, therefore, comes into the hotel for the experience. There is also a show of diversity for the customer as they could also bring in their work since the environment is also conducive for serious engagements.

This pin encourages the customers to look for what the hotel offers. The pin shows the diversity of the place. One could work while still enjoying the hotel. The clients can to shift from business to casual as the hotel offers them both. The pin also seems to be reaching out to different demographics of people. Religion is also taken seriously by the company, therefore, will be convenient for large demographics. The pin is also an interesting one, therefore, will make the customers research more on the company.

This pin gives the customer a variety of experiences the company offers. The different locations give the customer a wide range of places to choose from. The company is aimed at getting customers from all demographics and this pin encourages that. There is a view of an ocean, a desert and even a calm garden space. The older demographic, mostly like the quiet places and are more likely to choose the peaceful garden while the young are more likely to go for the desert activities and are encouraged to browse more on the company by the show of fancy cars.

This pin encourages both families and people that are single to come into the hotel. The hotel offers rooms for families and those that bring in their pets are also accommodated. Most luxury destination do not accept the keeping of pets in the hotels, therefore, this gives the company an added advantage over its competitors. The hotel is able to reach on to families and those that do not have equally giving them the upper hand. The pin also gives the hotel a homely welcoming feel.

Market segmentation helps a company maximize on the common need of the consumers they have. The company divides the customers into groups that have the same needs and maximizes on the need, therefore, increasing the customers in that category. Customer characteristics influence how much they purchase the service. Depending on the demographics of the customers they all require different spaces. Old people are more likely to take up quiet places rather than hippy places like the young. Factors like income, the size of the families and religion affect the choice of services the customer requires. A family is more likely to spend more because they need more space, therefore, the company could maximize on family suites since they bring more income.


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