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Executive Summary of the Business: NetLink Company

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Business plan
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Usually, the internet has played a key role in the development and growth of the human lifestyle to date, (McMillan, and Morrison, 2006). In this view, The NetLink Company which is beyond other ordinary cyber internet cafes will be in the forefront to ensure that everyone who is knowledgeable on the internet services has access to a forum which is equally unique when it comes to the provision of services relating to communication as well as entertainment. This is made possible due to the availability of the internet mediums.

For to note, NetLink is the only place where you can get all your demands answered. These include but not limited to the human wants which are recurring, availability of various communication channels, of course, maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Moreover, availability of all types of information that may be needed by the human population, affordability of the communication services and internet related services in general, and finally, to ensure that human rights are not violated in any way or the other when utilizing NetLink services. Hence, assured provision of protection against economic, political and social deprivation. Therefore, the main goal of NetLink Cafe is to ensure the provision of a conducive environment where the human population at large within the community can get entertained, educated, socialized as well as communicated to in a way that they are pleased with the services.

In this line, the business plan is to aid acquire financial support amounting to $50,000 which will be channeled towards the preparation of the new sites, purchasing of additional operating equipment, as well as covering other necessary operations. However, it is our pleasure to note that extra financial support has been received from individual support amounting to $70, 000.

Furthermore, NetLink will not stand alone but will be incorporated with other partners thus forming NLK Corporation. Through this action, the owner will be shielded from other investors who are yet to be identified. These additional investors will only play a role as shareholders hence will be given an individual specific amount to be contributed which will not be more than $10, 000 per person.

It will be of good pleasure to note that, the additional financial support from other stakeholders will help the NetLink Company to operate and implement its activities throughout the year successfully. The huge capital base that will be realized will help the NetLink Company to ensure that its customers have access to an internet cafe with all the necessary features. On the same note, the NetLink will ensure that the customers enjoy the unique and innovative atmosphere that enhances initiation of socialization. With this in place, at least the NetLink will be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that it can carry its activities through the second year now that its financial base will be stabilizing with time.



Generally, the NetLinks objectives for the 1st 3 years will be as follows;

To ensure that the customers enjoy the unique and innovative atmosphere that enhances initiation of socialization.

Provision of internet services to the community

To create a condusive working environment which brings customers together hence promotes free interactions.

To ensure that services being offered are affordable at all cost especially coffee and bakeries.

Finally, to ensure the resources available at the NetLink are available to all customers and accessible at affordable cost.

Key to Success

For the NetLink, the following areas are considered to be the key to success;

The creation of a unique and innovative atmosphere that enhances initiation of socialization. This will ensure that NetLink is generally different from other shops that also deals with coffee and bakeries in general. At the same time, this will make it standout in comparisons to other future cafes.

Creation of a community hub within the NetLink that promotes socialization as well as entertainment services.

The provision of protection against economic, political and social deprivation among the customers within and outside the NetLink. This will ensure that the customers have opportunity to interact with one another thus maximizing their learning opportunities.

All the products including coffee and bakeries to be the best in the market.

External analysis

The companys external environment is very important when it comes to the fact that it provides both opportunities as well as threats to the company.

In NetLink Company, the external analysis can be best understood when evaluation is done through PEST. In terms of market definition, share and size, NetLink is seen as the global company that provides internet services making it to stand out as one of the renowned companies with the greatest growth in the market, (Agarwal, and Goel, 2014). This recognition is more on the fact that NetLink is the cafe globally.

This great improvement is also associated with the creativity and innovation where products are designed in such a way that the customers are very pleased with the products. However, on some extent, the sales of coffee and bakeries have also been witnessed to be lower in the market and in fact, statistics shows that the sales have reduced by 15%.

In order to have a deeper understanding on the NetLinks potential as far as the business is concerned including direction of operation and the sustainability of the NetLink in the future market, PEST analysis tool is core to determine this.

Political factors

Generally, a company fight all the challenges that it facing. For example a number of political factors like war against terrorism, and the authority to rule can in one way or the other affects the operations of the NetLink Inc Company. As a move to counter attack any of the adverse events that are likely to affect the NetLinks company sale of products, the company has outsourced more services in countries like Korea and China to reduce the costs of operations.

Economic factors

One of the global challenges is the decline in the economic activities. This has led to high rates of unemployment, (Gilpin, and Gilpin, 2000). Due to unemployment in many developed and developing countries, NetLink Company finds it difficult to sell its products because of inadequate financial resources. Another challenge that the world faces today and has also affected the company is high rates of inflation. In addition to these economic factors, the reduction in their power of people tom purchase NetLinks products has completely affected the company in a negative way. Despite of the economic challenges faced by the world, NetLink has constantly showed an improvement in its activities. For example, to date the company has acquired other currencies making the Company to stand strong the presences and even the future global market.

Social factors

NetLink Company has really invested in the technology. This is the main reason why the company shines in the market because it enhances high level of innovation and creativity in its activities that include designing of the companys products.

NetLinks Industry Competition analysis

When it comes to the analysis of any industry competition, then Michael Porters competitive forces are explored as shown, (Porter, 2008).

Intensity of rivalry within the market

This is the first force within the model. NetLink Company leads in providing technical support. Again, the company has always thrived to make the best products in the market.

Bargaining powers of suppliers

This is the second part of the model. It shows that the suppliers bargaining powers can determine the price of the NetLinks products by even demanding for high prices for the supplying of the companys products. As a result of this, the company has no alternative but to look for other suppliers who are requested by the company to reduce bargaining power which is achieved through the placement of the NetLinks products within the companys online websites. Due to this, the company can therefore reduce their power to bargain now that there are many competitive suppliers.

The bargaining power of the buyer

In order for the NetLink Company to achieve most of the market shares in variation to education, age and income, then the company has to meet the expectations of its customers. However, the company has been at times forced to reduce its firm stand on the prices now that buyers sometimes threat to quite top other retailers.

Threat of new entries

NetLink Company finds it difficult for the entry of more companies in the market. This is because it leads to the decreasing of the companys share in the market. Therefore, NetLink can still stand out in the market by making new brands of its products and also embracing strong marketing strategies that are on a competitive basis. The advantage of the NetLink Company is that it is not easy to compete with it because of its existence for a while. Again, the company uses high level of creativity and innovation which has been liked by its customers.

Threat of substitute products

It is not very easy for the NetLink to substitute its products especially when the product has been known in the market by the customers. Changing the products substitute can lead to the switching off by the customers and this can impact negatively on the companys sales of products. As thing stands to date, NetLink has achieved a lot when it comes to the upgrading of its products in the market.

In SWOT analysis, the NetLink Company has a number of strengths, weaknesses as well as opportunities which the company can explore still.


Strengths are the positive things that the company can boast of and are the things that enable the company to be in the position where it is to date. Here are some of the strengths of the NetLink Inc company:

Ability to do advertisements as well as creating awareness of the companys new products and branding- the company has shown strength when it comes to the advertisements strategies. Due to this, huge millions of money has been spared for the purpose of advertisements of the companys products, (Keller, Parameswaran, and Jacob, 2011).

The NetLink Company has the strong and extensive channels in use that favors the distribution of the companys products. Some of the channels that the company uses include online stores, retail stores as well as direct sales force. Despite of the fact that the company uses direct distributors, it also has indirect distributors like third parties including network carriers which are cellular e.g. Verizon and T-Mobile as well as wholesalers.

Moreover, NetLink aims to ensure that brand awareness and reputation is maintained in the globe. In fact, both the Forbes and Interbrand have mentioned the companys brands as the most valuable in the world in 2015. Hence, it shows that the brand from the company is very reputable and recognized worldwide.


In addition, NetLink Company does so little when it comes to expenses related to research and development as compared to its competitors. This has affected the company to come up with innovations that are fewer hence their products tends to stay long in market before it is changed into a another design. In the past, NetLink does so well in introducing new products frequently in the market but the company have reduced drastically.


Globally, internet keeps on increasing its demand and therefore even the number of people who use interne...

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