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Ethics and Values in Business: Case Study of HRDevelopment Company

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Case study
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Business ethics refers to the code of conducts that are responsible for the alignment of systems of good and evil, moral and immoral, fair and unfair together with the cause and effect in the social framework of the business environment. HRDevelopment company employs direct sales method through the persuasion and psychological tactics in winning their target customers who they then offer to train according to the needs. Nonetheless, the ethical issue presented in this code of conduct is the disclosure of correct information to the customers and provide a standard intentional code of training and allowing the client to consent to the product or service rendered by the business through their agents. Moreover, the HRDevelopment company has ensured that all her clients both the novices and veterans are trained accordingly, and the information is disclosed at utmost good faith thus the ethical egoism theory that explains the moral right of the action rests on the consequences that are positive only to the agent undertaking the act. The ethical egoism theory addresses the issue of individual right. Since people have the prima facie right to privacy, individuals have the right to know and to be ignorant, conceal and reveal any information relating any aspect of life regarding the relationship between a person and the outside world.

The design policy of compensation according to the HRDevelopment company is based on the time spent with the employees who work under pressure to meeting their required targets. Such a system invites the ethical issue of employee working environment and unreasonable working time of long hours which should be considered. There need be a particular compensation benefit for the number of hours an employee is subjected to work in meeting demands of the business. The HRDevelopment company practices this code of ethics by compensating their employees on the number of hours they work and time they spent together. According to the ethical altruism theory describes this principle of ethics since the action is considered morally right if it has consequences that are more auspicious than harmful to all, the company compensates the employee's hazardous work with the hazardous pay to ensure a balance of risks and benefits. In other words, the company directly increase the salary of employees who assume the risk. Therefore, the right to know gives the employee information needed for informed consent thus the worker might voluntarily take the risk or reject since the theory requires undue influence or freedom from coercion.

HRDevelopment company deals with trainees and salespersons on the earn as you work payment services. However, the core ethical issue attracted in this kind of deal is the working environment which is favorable to most of their employees. They have practiced this by ensuring that they set a condition to be met by all their employees to warrant salary increment. Hence the utilitarianism theory that operates at best gains for the highest number. Additionally, the utilitarianism views what action is either good or evil and the consequences associated with it. Thus, the social notion of maximizing benefit for the greatest number of performance. Nonetheless, the workers may perceive job security or promotions as potentially determined by their willingness to work overtime. The sets of variable conditions subjected to the employees may be worrying. However, the employees would take up the job despite the conditions due to fear of being rendered jobless.

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