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Ethics and Values in Business: Natures Cosmetics

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Sewanee University of the South
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Case study
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There are two pillars of advertising strategy; paid testimonies of consumers and endorsements of beauty salons. In its ads, Natures Cosmetics is emphasizing the superiority of its products in quality and results and on their natural ingredients compared to its competitors' offerings. They don't sound to be the ones from the ethical perspective since the one of that kind the truth and contains even the side effects.

There is the serious ethical problem when Nature's Cosmetics Company proceeds with the advertisement after knowing the results from a research of the university students. This is because their claims are regarded meaningless and wrong. This is not according to the ethics and values which require one to be truthful in every nature of advertisement brought and not just to lure consumers with pure lies.

The intention is meant to let someone know his/her target or what he/she should be doing shortly. Someone's intention affects the plan he has ahead. The Company intends to give such advertisements with a lot of exaggerations in orders to convince the consumers to buy the products of the company.

Suppose I was a salesperson in Natures Cosmetics, I would first identify the claims from consumers and also seek advice from researchers like the university students. Then I identify the strengths and weaknesses of the advertisement and correct any weaknesses available like the claims that the company has the best products while it does not have the best.

My Love of Nature, Helps someone to be intrinsically motivated with the nature cosmetics hence creating more sales. It's a good program. Hence it's ethical since it heightens awareness of the health benefits of natural ingredients of products and organic food. It also teaches the customers of the importance of such products health wise.

My Love of Nature program rewards more frequent and greater quantity purchases with generous points and attractive raffles. The program is quite successful. It halted the decline in companys sales and started to increase its market share slowly but steadily. This makes it a proper program because of its various advantages and importance underlined above.

For the NC, its ethical to keep secret on matters pertaining Research & Development department (R&D) since if the competitor has a glimpse of the NC company weakness, he can use it as a strength to out the company. The Companys research team should be sincere to the company and give the exact outcome so that the company can improve their weak points.

When the competition is stiff in the market, every company must strive to become the best and this always forms the basis of almost all healthy competition. This is the reason why Natures Cosmetics Company applies other methods like My Love of Nature, to outdo the competitor. NC has therefore used every means to maintain its customers and to persuade other customers. They also give the functions of the product being advertised hence the consumers knowing the products fully.

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