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Business Essay Example: How to Set Up a Sports Bar

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Starting up a sports bar is one of the best entrepreneurship ideas that a person can have. However, there is need to do proper planning and follow some ideas that will ensure a successful launch and continuance of business (Brown et al., 2013). A sports bar allows people to have drinks and watch games television in a conducive environment. Setting up a sports bar involves starting the registration process with the relevant authorities who will give the certificate of incorporation. This will help secure the business name. Finding a strategic location for the sports bar is important. Selecting a location depends on the target market and accessibility from main roads. The idea is to ensure that customers can access the sports bar with ease irrespective of the weather. It is vital for the entrepreneur to conduct a feasibility study and identify how other sports bars perform. For instance, watch out how the management treats employees and customers, cleanliness, client traffic, operating hours, pricing, offers amongst others (Schwarz, Hall, & Shibli, (2015). This information will help the management of the new sports bar make minor and major decisions that will assist during the actual open. After collecting all necessary information, it is paramount to start the sports bar and ensure that the interior decor is up to standard, there is enough parking for clients, a large seating space, and other considerations that will help attract and retain clients (Brown et al., 2013). For instance, televisions need to be large and strategically placed so that customers seated at different places in the sports bar can see images. Employees working at the facility must have the necessary educational background, training, and experience so that they can handle clients professionally. On the eve of opening the sports bar, management can hold a party that will help launch and introduce the new facility to clients (Schwarz, Hall, & Shibli, (2015). Prior advertisements and promises of subsidized prices will help attract more customers.

How to Manage a Sports Bar and make more Revenues

After successfully opening a sports bar, it is important to adopt different techniques that will help in making returns for the facility both in the short-term and in the long-term. Operations design adopted by the management will be a bridge to success as it controls the provision of services and products to customers. According to Brown et al. (2013), some of the ways which a sports bar can maintain a large clientele base and always make profits is using events that attract more people. For instance, management can create different themes per week where clients can get offers depending on the number of drinks they purchase. In addition, in the modern day of technological advancement, it is important for the sports bar to have social media pages that will help advertise and keep in touch with clients (Schwarz, Hall, & Shibli, (2015). The social media platform is a powerful technique that reaches a wide audience and the target market. It is important for a sports bar to maintain high levels of cleanliness and quality of products they have on offer. During a launch, a sports bar sells highly priced and quality products to clients as a way of attraction. However, there is need to maintain the high quality so that customers can identify with the facilities. Qualified personnel that interact with clients are a good source of making profits. Members of staff should know how to handle clients professionally as well as provide customer satisfaction regarding quality services. Another consideration for the sports bar is ensuring that supplies never run out.



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