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Assessment of Ethics and Effectiveness of Technology in Social Work - Essay Example

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Social work has become an important profession, and factors such as economic, social, demographic, cultural and Political are the key to changes in the system of human delivery. Therefore this field has become more diverse and therefore research oriented. Therefore, there is a need to evaluate and assess the ethics and effectiveness of technology in this field. I aspire to be a director who believes in transformations and exerts leadership and vision in maintaining and improving the quality of technology by the ethics and value of the profession.

Working as a health and human service with Hurricane Harvey Evacuees as a case Manager has developed a need for raising the quality of social work profession through technological advancement and effectiveness. Therefore, my plans to be a director of health and human services has led to a need for addressing the ethics and effectiveness of technology to provide a solution and enhancement to the quality of work in this field. Mark David,&.Webster. (2016). In his studies discuses that there is a technological optimism, and technological assumptions and explained how this influences the technology leaders in decision making and leadership.He concluded that technological change is inevitable and therefore there is a need to keep up with the technology.

Reamer F&. G. (2013).

States the risk and ethical challenges in management. There is a need for Innovations in technology in social work field. As a director in social work profession one ought to have leadership skills that include communication, Interpersonal, community development, analytical, political and the most important technological .As a leader, there is a need for management and adoption of new technological transformation and integrating technological advances in contemporary practice.

(Steven Bakeret et al.,2014).

Argues the need for social workers to engage in various network society to develop positive dimensions and redress negative technological change, this will help in positioning and thus be in a position to respond to network society's challenges. He states that there is a need for research to evaluate the best method to benefit the ICT in the social work and safeguarding confidentiality and privacy. However, as a director, there is a need to come up with ways on how to safeguard the organization's confidentiality and privacy as this is one of the issues facing organizations.

Goldkind, &wolf. (2015).

States that there is a rapid impact growth in technology. There is, however, need to initiate a dialogue for consideration of implications of a powered culture of technology to design training and curriculum in social work and thus to target all disciplines to improve the outcome in looking for new ways in which the social workers can partner with clients. This partnership is through communication, and advertisement to effectively use the ICT for social network work purposes that may include, securing resources, employment, acquiring employment.

As a director, I will effectively manage, understand and utilize the technology in the digital environment.However, I will integrate specific technologies such as gamification, mobile technology, create social media platform, robotic and include wearable technologies. I will also include training programmes and will also advocate for licensures that provide online services that ensure no violating of licensing laws in the state.



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