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Essay Sample: How Can I Make a Difference?

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It is in every persons mind that they should always make a difference in certain aspects of life throughout their stay here on earth. Therefore, every person has a rough idea of how he can make the difference so that people can always remember him or her for that. Also, the urge of making a change comes a result of the call by an individual to make the world either a better place to live, work as well as carry out other activities that people are involved in daily.

Thus for one to make a difference either in the workplace or to the environment in which we live in among other life aspects, then he or she needs to focus on doing something that will have a direct impact. For instance, in the place of work one can aim at making a difference such that he or she helps people create a better life for themselves. In the environment sector, one can either get involved in collecting garbage as well as planting trees in places where they never existed to bring that direct impact such that the difference can be felt.

Additionally, the other way that one can make a difference is by supporting positively focused endeavors. This can be through volunteer practices either in the place of work, school or environmental conservation activities. For example, when one gets involved in activities such as community outreach programs, tree planting activities as well as volunteer programs, he or she can impact the lives of people and bring some change in the way people lived before.

Mentoring and transferring knowledge is another way that one can make a difference in the lives of people. This is through making whatever one does more meaningful even if he or she is not working or operating in a formal environment that supports it. This urge of making a difference starts by one asking him or herself the question of who needs help and how he or she can help them. Thus mentoring them whether formally or informally can bring a massive difference in their lives.

Moreover, most of the times making a difference in life mostly matters with the way one chooses to show up to the people around him or her. This distinction can be made possible by one looking for ways that he or she can be positively proactive to make the difference authentically. Appreciating what has been done by other people and telling them that they have done great can significantly enhance change in the societies we live in as whenever people feel appreciated they can perform better.

Also, refusing to contribute towards the negative side of life is among the many ways we can make a difference in life. For example, if there exists a group of complainants that are always demeaning what you do, resist the urge to join them but continue with the excellent job that you are determined to accomplish. This is because whenever one specializes in complaining without making a difference is not good thus for change to be realized one has to purpose towards working for it.

Lastly, we can make a difference by finding the meaning of the difference we want to make in the society. Thus whenever one understands the meaning of the change, then one can feel more motivated as he or she knows the significance of his or her deeds. Therefore, these are among the many ways people can realize a difference in life. It is through the application of all these techniques of making a change that Alex was in the position to make a difference in recycling the available dumpster at the university to generate an income ("It Started with a Futon in a Dumpster. Now This Student Org is Changing How We See Waste").Works Cited

"It Started with a Futon in a Dumpster. Now This Student Org is Changing How We See Waste." Upworthy, 20 July 2015,

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