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Psychometric Properties of the Problem Video Game Playing Scale in Adults - Dissertation Proposal

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Student applications to the online programmes International Online Research Ethics Committee, with the specified attachments, should be posted to the Dissertation Advisors classroom.


This form must be completed by following the guidance notes, accessible at

Please complete every section, using N/A if appropriate.

Incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant.


A1)Title of the research (please include a short lay title in brackets).

Psychometric properties of the Problem Video Game Playing scale in adults

(Properties of the PVP scale in adults)


B1)For the planned research, give a full lay summary of:


The purpose of this research is to analyze and compare the specific components of the diagnostic and psychometric properties of the Problem Video Game Playing scale in both the adult and adolescent gamers.

Research Design:

This study makes use of a descriptive research design. This is because it attempts to determine how effective the PVP instrument is for people from different study groups, which in this case features the adults and adolescents.

Methodology: A survey was used which considered patterns of play, PVP, the severity of dependence scale, as well as other measures of playing to excess. The survey focused on the collection of specific types of data. These include; socio-demographics, such as age, gender and nationality; the use of a video game during the past year in terms of the frequency, mean, period of session, and whether there was use of online or offline games; and lastly, the potential problems associated with the use of video games. These aspects were measured using questions which prompted a response from the participants. To analyse the data, the SPSS version 21 statistical package and AMOS module version 21were used.

B2)Give details of any interests, commercial or otherwise, you or your co-applicants have in the funding body.

FORMTEXT Since this research requires the preparation of survey questionnaires and a classroom for conducting the process, there is no need for support from the funding body. This will only require permission from the school authorities.


D1)How many participants will be recruited?

The total number of participants who will be recruited will include 909 individuals. Here, adolescents will be 384 and adults will be 525 individuals.

D2)How was the number of participants decided upon?

The number of participants was decided upon based on a calculated sample size and subjects to variables ratio of 58.3 in adolescents and 52.7 in adults. The size that was settled for exceeded the minimum that was indicated to be the adequate factorial analysis. The adolescent participants were selected from a convenience sample involving four high schools located in the Spanish province of Alicante. Adult participants, on the other hand, featured students enrolled in five undergraduate degree programs at the Universidad Miguel Hernandez in Elche.

D3)a)Describe how potential participants in the study will be identified, approached and recruited.

For both groups of participants, a random sample of the classrooms was collected. Later on, all the students were invited to participate.

b)Inclusion criteria:

The total number of Adolescents included were aged between 11 and 17 (M = 14.9, SD = 1.50), whereby 15.6% fell in the younger range (1113 years), and 84.4% fell in the older range (1417 years). This figure was distributed equally to encompass both males and females. There was no gender difference between older and younger adolescents. The majority of this population featured(92.4%) and featured individuals with a Spanish nationality, and another19 other nationalities and one unreported nationality. The age for adults included featured 20 to 50 years, M = 21.5, SD = 4.34; 97.7% were young adults ( 35 years). In this population, the females represented 64.8% of the sample; where 95.2% were Spanish nationals, with the remaining number featuring a mixture of 15 other nationalities.

The only exclusion criterion was that the participants must have played a video game at least once in the past. The variables should also be identifiable.

c)Exclusion criteria:

Despite the fact that participation rate was 100%, there are 23 adolescent surveys, and 16 adult surveys which were discarded since over 50% of the variables could not be traced.

d)Are any specific groups to be excluded from this study? If so please list them and explain why:

e)Give details for cases and controls separately if appropriate:

f)Give details of any advertisements:

Advertisements will only be placed in the identified schools and university to prepare the students beforehand for the process. It will make use of banners and flyers that will highlight the survey process, requirements, and other essential details.

D5)a)Describe the arrangements for gaining informed consent from the research participants.

The informed consent forms will be offered approximately 6 weeks before the research. It should indicate the background of the research, the implications and possible negative aspects that may be experienced. For instance, the adults will be supplied with the forms which they are supposed to sign once they agree to participate. Just as is the case with the other form, the adult forms will indicate the implications of the research and how they are supposed to offer input.

b)If participants are to be recruited from any of the potentially vulnerable groups listed above, give details of extra steps taken to assure their protection, including arrangements to obtain consent from a legal, political or other appropriate representative in addition to the consent of the participant (e.g. HM Prison Service for research with young offenders, Head Teachers for research with children etc.).

To gain informed consent from the participants, the underage students will be given forms highlighting the research process and how the participant will be expected to participate. Here, the students will have to get authorization from parents or guardians since they are still not of age to make the decision.

c)If participants might not adequately understand verbal explanations or written information given in English, describe the arrangements for those participants (e.g. translation, use of interpreters etc.)

In case the participant does not understand English, then an interpreter will be hired to enable them to understand the contents of the informed consent before they can decide whether to participate or not.

d)Where informed consent is not to be obtained (including the deception of participants) please explain why.

If an informed consent is not obtained, the participant cannot be allowed to participate as it will be unethical to go ahead without getting legal acceptance. In case anything goes wrong during the research process, the researcher will also be held liable.

D6)What is the potential for benefit to research participants, if any?

The research participants will get to benefit since they will have an idea of what it is like to carry out a real research process. Since they are still students, they will be able to have a better understanding of the process involved in conducting an actual research study, such as this process of obtaining informed consent.


E1)Describe in detail the potential physical or psychological adverse effects, risks or hazards (minimal, moderate, high or severe) of involvement in the research for research participants.

Since this research features a survey that is to be filled without conducting any other activities, it is evident that there will be no adverse effects, risks or hazards. Therefore, the risk is very minimal.

E2)Explain how the potential benefits of the research outweigh any risks to the participants.

Since there are no high rates of risks or hazards for this research, it is clear that the benefits outweigh the risks. Hence, there is no reason for preventing the participants to take part, as long as an informed consent has been obtained.

E3)Describe in detail the potential adverse effects, risks or hazards (minimal, moderate, high or severe) of involvement in the research for the researchers.

The researcher also experiences no potential adverse effects or risks.

E5)Describe the measures in place in the event of any unexpected outcomes or adverse events to participants arising from their involvement in the project

A first aid kit will be present in case any unexpected adverse events take place. This will ensure that all the desired equipment to stabilize a patient before reaching the hospital is made available.

E6)Explain how the conduct of the project will be monitored to ensure that it conforms with the study plan and relevant University policies and guidance.

The conduct of the project will be monitored by consistently checking the university policies and guidance to see to it that they are being followed to the latter. Constant comparison will be done at every stage of the project.

Study Plan / Protocol

This research seeks to analyze and compare the specific components of the diagnostic and psychometric properties of the Problem Video Game Playing scale in both the adult and adolescent gamers. The study question, therefore, is whether there is a difference in the Problem Video Game Playing scale when being used on adults and adolescents. The main objective was to determine whether the Problem Video Game Playing scale would trigger similar results in different study populations. This study has a lot of power as it has never been conducted before. Therefore, it has the ability to further close the gap in literature, concerning the issue of the Problem Video Game Playing scale. This research, hence, will provide results which will offer additional knowledge on the issue, and also present a new instrument that has turned out effective in its role.


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