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Essay on the Leadership Style of Bill Clinton

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On the other side of a non-sport leader, it will be great to look at Bill Clinton who has been a leader much of his life as an adult. Among his notable leadership roles is being the governor of Arkansas, a father as well as a president of the United States of America. His style of leadership has affected many people in different ways and thus has to adjust his methods of administration depending on the people he was leading at the time as in each type of leadership he dealt with different people (Baker, 2017).

As the president of the US, one of the critical leadership skills of Bill Clinton was that he was a transformational leader. This characteristic defines him well as he was driven towards changing and transforming the people of the US by appealing to his followers values such that he created a connection between him and the citizens (Baker, 2017). He was able to share his vision with his followers as well as apply the personalized leadership to grow stronger bonds with his followers as well as influencing his followers to struggle towards achieving the goals he had for the nation.

During Clintons speech at the United States, military academy graduation in 1993 Clinton was able to show the transformational leader he was apparently. He applied the rhetorical skill of transformational leadership when he said that the best of the best would be protecting the nation as he was aware of the worlds problems despite his hope for a peaceful world. He appreciated the excellent work of the graduates. Therefore, this transformational way of leadership by Clinton ensured a better future for the citizens as he shared with them his vision of where he wanted the world to be. Another style of administration of Bill Clinton was that he was a visionary leader as stated above since he was always reminding his citizens of what he wanted in the future and worked towards achieving his vision (Baker, 2017). Bill Clinton also had the team leadership style as his leadership involved the creation of a broader picture of how he wanted the US to be in future and what it would stand for. Thus, this style of leadership was able to provide a stronger sense of purposes for the citizens as he made them believe that they shared a vision.

Therefore, these two leaders had unique leadership styles based on their different fields they offered leadership. This difference is evident as Ferguson was able to apply an autocratic style of leadership comfortably such that he never asked for the opinion of others in making important decisions but Clinton could not as the constitution guided his administration. About this types of leadership depicted by these two leaders, I feel that my leadership styles fall under those of Alex Ferguson as am always result oriented and if I failed to apply the autocratic leadership style, then achieving the change can be hard as one has to consult before making decisions widely.



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