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Belle - Movie Review Example

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Belle is a movie about an illegal mulatto child belonging to a Royal Navy man raised in lavishly educated, affluence, and coted on the extended family the father. In the film, her father referred to her as Belle while the extended family called her Dido. The lineage of Belle gives her some privileges, but the color of her skin hinders her from fully participating in the traditions of her social standing.

Belle is left in England with her father so that her aristocratic aunt and uncle can raise her. During this time in history, social and wealth standing could not overshadow the fact that she was an illegitimate child, that is, she had a mixed race. Belles story of the way she is trying to figure her position in her family and world reveals the beauty and an in-depth look at sexism and racism that plagued the British society during that time. The Adventures of David Simple and Volume the Last by Sarah Fielding is where an individuals sentimental attitudes are compared to the human nature. The novel also sets some provocative feminist ideas.

In the film, Dido is both cursed and blessed. She has been accepted into the family of Earl as almost an equal member. She is high in status to do with the servants but too low to dine with the family when there are visitors. The reason is that she is an illegitimate child. One of the characters claims she is black in disbelief when he saw her for the first time. When Elizabeth, Didos cousin chases away suitors for marriage, Dido is left wondering if she would find love. After meeting the principled vicars son, they came together to assist Lord Mansfield's position as the chief justice stop slavery in England. Belles uncle, Lord Mansfield is a judge, and he hears a case that involves a slave ship and if human beings can be insured just like cargo. Dido and vicars son are fighting for the stop of slavery just like Oroonoko who desperately strive to stop slavery. Just like Belle, an essential thing in Oroonoko is freedom and slavery, which was common in the 18th century. The determination they have is also evident by Pamela in the Pamela film.

Dido also hears this case in detail from a neighbor who is a passionate vicars con. The consciousness and attraction of Dido grow to vicars son. However, Didos aunts steer for her engagement with Oliver Ashford. Dido and vicars son are a true reflection of Dangerous Liaisons film where two characters who are lovers came together to seek power rather than pleasure. Dido and vicars son also use their love to fight for the end of slavery. The film also illustrates the theme of the class divide, which is also the same case in Belle. Furthermore, in the 18th century, people paid close attention to class differences, and that is why Pamela could not marry Mr. B. Mr. Bs sister was so concerned on the class difference. This cultural issue is evident in the movie, as Dido cannot dine when there are visitors due to class difference.

A memoir of Miss Sidney Bidulphis is a love story and incitement of the 18th-century culture more regarding marriage. Belle movie also shows the culture of girls in a society and the love that exists between John Davinier and Dido in which they have a romantic belonging that was practiced in the 18th century. Therefore, Belle is related to the other stories and films in the 18th century that show the culture which was practiced in England.

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