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Essay on Michael Perry

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Sewanee University of the South
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Michael Perry is a renowned author, singer/songwriter, radio show host, a humorist and also an intermittent Pig Farmer from New Auburn, Wisconsin. He is a celebrated modern-day author with some of his best-selling essays being Population 485, Visiting Tom, and Truck: A Love Story, among many others. If you are Perrys fan, you were probably intrigued by his first book, The Scavengers, which targeted young readers. Raised on a small Midwestern dairy farm, Perry is one of those students who put himself through nursing school while at the same time, worked on a ranch.

The source, www. covers Perrys most recent writing career, alongside his modern day achievements as a family man. More fundamentally, Perry, who has written numerous memoirs, currently lives in the rural Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters. In his rural residence, Perry serves as a volunteer on a local fire and rescue service alongside his intermittent pig farming. As a radio host, Perry hosts the nationally-syndicated radio show by the name, Tent Show Radio. He also performs as a renowned humorist and also tours with his musical band, the Long Beds. Among his many achievements, Perrys writing career has seen him become a well-celebrated author whose work has seen him at the top of Mt.Rainier in the company of Iraq War Veterans. In one of his biographic essays, Off Main Street, Perry discusses his writing milestones and how his education in nursing school prepared him and also kick-started his writing career. He believes that it is through his experience in nursing school that he indeed trained in human assessment and as a result, succeeded in his modern day writing career. With reference to his college education, Perry points out that he is an alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

In a similar regard, drawn from the source,, Perry is known for his celebrated works which have seen him being involved in a number of musical collaborations. Among his works in his singer/songwriter music career, is his contribution as a lyricist for the famous jazz pianist, Geoffrey Keezer. Perry has also worked for the John Prine tribute as the liner notes author in the album Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows. Additionally, throughout his musical career, Perry has partnered with big musical names of his time such as Justin Vernon, on a couple of projects and subsequently contributed in composing the liner notes for the Blind Boys of Alabama album, I will Find A Way.

In conclusion, as a well-renowned humorist and author, Perry is celebrated by most people owing to his ability to be humorous without resorting to one-liners or even jokes. Similarly, the overly talented Wisconsin author is overly talented in being a touching author and radio host without him ever becoming maudlin. With reference to his stories and written memoirs, Perrys work takes his readers back and forth through his contemporary efforts alongside his unadventurous life growing up on a small farm with siblings ranging from his biological ones to the temporary and adopted siblings. Above all else, Perry flourished in his impeccable trademark humor, writes from the quietest corners of his heart, and this has seen his writing work appear in numerous publications such as the New York Times. His most excellent experiences have to be his exciting moments as a family man.

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