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Character Analysis Essay on Little Red Cap

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Sewanee University of the South
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Creative writing
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Little Red Cap is a sweet girl loved by everybody with her grandmother who expresses it through making the red cap for the little girl. The fact that the hat was too lovely and suited her, she always wore it everywhere. One time when the granny was too sick to cook or do anything. Little Red Cap's mother gave her cake and wine to take to the granny hoping that it will give her strength to regain her health. The mother warns her on misbehaving as well as leaving the path to granny. The mother knows the danger lies in the forest and Little Red Cap disobedient will not only cost her life but also hurt other members of the family. Little Red Cap takes her mother's advice lightly though she promises to have heard. Little Red Cap does not realize that failure to follow these words could lead her encounter trouble.

"Meanwhile, the wolf ran straight to the grandmother's house and knocked at the door." Having tricked by Little Red Cap into revealing where the grandmother lives, the wolf fantasizes to be the granddaughter. Mimicking as if it's Little Red Cap, the wolf answers the granny when she calls out on who it was. Assuring that it was her granddaughter, she tells the wolf to press the latch since she was too feeble to stand. The wolf enters, eats her up, puts on her clothes and sleeps on the bed. Despite having been warned by her mother, Little Red Cap meets with the wolf on her way to her grandmother and the two chat. She tells the wolf she was taking a cake and wine to her sick granny who lived under three colossal oak trees near the hazel bushes. Little Red Cap notices how beautiful the flowers were and embarks on grabbing a few for her sick grandmother. Besides, it was still early, and she had enough time to go back home. Little Red Cap enters the woods to pick the flowers (Grimm et al., p.3). The beauty of the flowers makes her keep pulling more while forgetting all about her grandmother. It dawns on her that she was getting late and thus off into the woods she runs to her granny's house. To her surprise, she finds the door wide open, and the sick granny had grown unique features such as prominent ears, eyes hands, and mouth. Little Red Cap does not realize that it is the wolf even after every answer she gets concerning the large features of her granny. The wolf jumps and swallows her up. Too full to move, the wolf sleeps on the bed for a rest. A hunter passing by notices it and cuts it to open and rescues both Little Red Cap and her granny. The three celebrates after filling the wolf's stomach with stones that kill it later.


Little Red Cap is cautioned by her mum when given a cake and wine to deliver to her sick granny by her mother who tells her to be careful to avoid getting lost in the woods as well as breaking the glass. However, Little Red Cap does the opposite of her mother's advice and tells the wolf everything about her sick granny. Upon reaching the house, she notices funny features with her granny but fails to take caution. By the time she remembers her granny and runs off, it was too late as the wolf had already jumped on her. She also swallowed by the wolf that was pretending to be the sick granny but later on, a huntsman saves them. It is therefore essential for children to obey their parent's pieces of advice at all times to avoid dangers. Given the fact that disobedience leads may lead to outcomes that affect even the innocent.

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