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Essay on the Most Important Role Played HR Managers

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The most important role played by Human Resource (HR) managers are attracting a competent workforce. There are many decisive duties and responsibilities or activities that employees perform to help their organizations survival and even growth and development are. If an organization attracts the best employees available, they will acquire the ability to beat challenges using their innovation and creativity (Storey, 2014). Thus, when Hr managers recruit the most competent workforce, all the operations will run smoothly in the organization.

HR managers place job advertisements and interview potential employees to ensure that potential employees attracted are good and the selected group of people is the best. They ensure that the professionals who are selected to perform the tasks are qualified as they meet the job description described by HR department (Storey, 2014). HR managers conduct important tasks such as background check, verify education, verify employment record, do all the paperwork and submitted documents and names of the selected individuals to the company in the most appropriate form.

HR managers face the challenges of increasing difficulty in finding skilled people for various tasks. They also face the risk of recruiting young workforce with unpleasant attitudes and losing experienced workers to retirement (Storey, 2014). However, these managers ensure that such risks do not affect the organization. They ensure that the current employees are satisfied.

HR managers also attract competent workforce by creating a pleasant working environment. The question every job seeker is Will my boss be a bad boss or a good one? HR managers ensure that quality potential employees do not shy off from their organizations because of the poor quality of workplace environment. Managers ensure this does not happen by satisfying the existing workforce and minimizing employee turnover to zero. HR managers use their skills, equipment, and tools to design n effective retention plan by targeting to increase employee involvement in the company.

HR managers attract competent workforce by recognizing, rewarding, and reinforcing the right behavior. It is critical that managers understand that being recognized for work well done is a basic human need. Managers do not use complex and expensive incentive programs but rather affordable and attractive recognition and reward programs. The duty manager has to come up with an attractive program for the competent employees and potential employees.

HR managers also involve and engage others (Storey, 2014). People like it when their ideas are considered and used to achieve greater things. However, managers attract these types of employees who bring competence to the organization by giving them the desired sense of ownership. Engaging employees in reproductive consultations makes them feel equally important in the organization.

Managers also develop the potentials and skills of the existing employees. They can also do so for the potential employees on internship programs who may, in turn, show promising future. However, managers attract a competent workforce by providing better benefits, career development opportunities as well as greater challenges (Storey, 2014). Such elements of a favorable workplace attract competent workforce and retain experienced and competent employees.

Lastly, managers evaluate and measure the performance of the current employee to attract and retain the competent workforce. This helps in identifying what satisfies or dissatisfies the workforce. Aspects looked into are morale, attitudes, engagement, and turnover of the workforce. Competent employees will be attracted or retained by these actions. Thus, by performing all these tasks, they achieve their main goal/role of attracting a competent workforce.


Storey, J. (2014). New Perspectives on Human Resource Management (Routledge Revivals). Routledge.

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