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Essay on Competition

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Y10 results analysis

In year ten, we climbed up the scoreboard by one spot into the second position. We displaced company B which took that place from us in year nine. We attribute this to our commitment to research and development, quality, capitalization on our strengths, and high unit prices in the year. We did not focus on increasing our market share. In Y10, the Action-Capture Camera Design research and development expenditures stood at $20,000, while that of UAV Drone Design was $0. Company A is always at the top because of their decision of not issuing stock early, meaning that there lacks a dilution of EPS through a more substantial amount of shares.

Additionally, company A regularly pays long-term debts using their earnings. Initially, we focused on fixed assets investment to achieve the products needs all through the program. A rise in demand will challenge company A to seek better ways of remaining competitive or else lose the market to other companies. On the scoreboard, regarding the investor expectation, best-in-industry, and combined investor expectation and best-in-industry we scored 108, 89, and 99 respectively and had a score of 99, second from our competitor who had 106 on the game to date scoreboard.

Y11 Competitive Assumptions

We hope that product prices will continue increasing for Action Camera as well as UAV markets in this year. The P/R average rating as well will be a little higher, and that maintained research and development coupled with the advertisement would increase our market share. We believe that our net revenues will rise by and achieve a higher net profit by the end of this year. We expect little or no adjustments in the warranties and associated repairs in this year.

Strategy Y11

With continued investment in product design and market development through research and development, our prices will remain high in the market. Our strategy this year is to increase the market share. It will be achievable through the implementation of a plan to grab the chance of higher image rating besides greater regular unit prices that will trim the margins as well as gain massive market proportions in this year. Our previous investment in product quality will be useful for the achievement of this year's targets. The strategy will lay our foundation for us to make maximum use of a more significant market share, high profits, high image rating, and high P/Q rating in year 12.

Our company performance is positive, and we expect to be top of the scoreboard in future. Our future goal is to beat even company A despite its establishment in the industry. The move will enable us to continue our compensation initiatives and quality training investments at higher levels. It will also help us in the financing and participation in corporate social responsibility to the society. We will also repurchase a small amount of stock to enable us to reach a concentrated earning per share of $7.66. We anticipate that our return on equity will be at 39.2% by the end of year 11. We believe that our net revenues will rise by 6.0 % from Y10 to $1,002,080 and achieve a net profit of $189,706 by the end of this year. We also will be in a position to settle the long-term company debts and consequently earn us more money to devote to future dividends.

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