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HRM Essay Sample: Personnel Recruitment

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Working as scouting elite for basketball player has offered me an opportunity to identify talents and effective players that need to be developed. Overseeing over 7 Nike sponsored different basketball programs in 7 states in the Southeast region is one way to identify these talented players. However, to get effective results in a place where there are many people involved like this job requires credible and reliable data or information that would assist in making a decision. Therefore, I am required to come up with a detailed report for the basketball events. This report is organized into different sections as follows: first, the discussion on aspects of self-management through self-awareness in the prospective recruits; secondly, explanation of the relationship management through social awareness; thirdly, comprehension of the matching of accessions traits and characteristics with the culture of the organization; fourthly, to exemplify the use of cross-cultural communication; fifth discussion involves illustration of the leadership features or characteristics when geographically separated from the organization; and lastly, analysis of the managing goals in relation to organization objectives or expectations. Combining all these concepts make up a comprehensive report about personnel recruitment of potential basketball players in the seven states in the Southeast region.

Discussion of Aspects of Self-Management through Self-Awareness

When working closely with a large group of people it is important to be aware of any aspect of oneself that is associated with the potential issues within and outside the group. Being aware of these potential aspects enables one to manage the group effectively. Further, the chances of causing problems within and outside the group are as well minimized. Most people do not understand that playing is also something that requires the highest level of self-discipline. Even though it is entertainment, but for some people who play professionally, it is their source of income and a career. Therefore, those who desire to venture into basketball playing as a career needs to be aware of different aspects that can result in problems or conflict within and even outside the team. Self-management is one of the aspects that disciplined players need to possess. Self-management competency involves the ability of the player to develop and take responsibility of his or her actions, develop personal drive and resilience, balance work and life issues, and being aware of the personal development and self-awareness activities. All these contribute to a self-management competency. However, every step towards developing the self-management competency starts with the self-awareness. Self-awareness involves the ability of the recruit to identify what he or she wants; the career goals and values, feelings and be able to identify the areas of weaknesses and strengths (Vago & David, 2012). Identifying these aspects helps the individual to develop effectively. For example, after identifying the areas of weakness and strengths the recruit is able to use the strengths to advantage while trying to enhance or improve the weaknesses. Self-awareness makes it easy for me as a recruitment manager because the recruits will be able to accept their responsibilities for continuous self-development and learning. My work is just to identify the potential basketball players and advance their further development. However, the desire to develop needs to come from the player or recruit in this case. He needs to understand what he wants and where he needs to grow. Basically, this is what entails self-awareness; in other words, being aware of oneself.

Self-management through self-awareness also improves my interaction with the recruits. It enables me to avoid emotional minefields during the interaction, socialization, and communication with the prospective recruits. Many people are aware of the intelligence quotient (IQ), but they tend to forget it is not the most important aspect of personal development. Not everyone that has high IQ successful in life. Apart from the fact that one needs intellectual intelligence, there are other important aspects of life as well; for instance, the ability to communicate, socialize and interact with other people effectively (emotional quotient, EQ). There is more that revolves around success than just being intellectually perfect. Higher emotional quotient or emotional intelligence will enable me to form interpersonal relationships with the prospective recruits. It also enables me to be accepted or fit in to different groups of basketball players across the seven states. People with the higher emotional intelligence are known to be better at understanding other peoples and their own psychological state. This enables them to manage stress more effectively; thus, they are less likely to get depression.

Research has shown that there is no correlation between the IQ and EQ; therefore, possessing the EQ will enable the recruits to fit in their new respective teams as they advance their career (Vago & David, 2012). Even though it is just a game, learning new skills in basketball requires the recruit to be emotionally stable and also intellectually good. Therefore, the recruits need to have a balance between the IQ and EQ. However, playing requires dedication, teamwork, and collaboration between different members of the team. Emotional intelligence enables the recruits to develop and improve by learning and practicing new skills together. The aspect of self-awareness is closely related to emotional intelligence. Self-awareness in managing the personality or individuals emotions includes emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment, and self-confidence (Vago & David, 2012). Self-awareness in terms of emotional intelligence involves the ability of a person to understand his emotions as they socialize and interact with other people as well as they evolve. Therefore, possessing emotional intelligence enables the individual to understand why there is a certain emotional response such as anger and how to manage it. In my career, I have gained more experience while working with people; for example, as a director of the player relations at, I met with different people that helped me handle various responsibilities effectively. Therefore, working with the recruits may not be so challenging, but it still requires self-awareness concepts highlighted and explained above. My education background further enhances my ability to interact and build interpersonal relationships with the players from various teams across the seven states. As an associate of health and physical education, I am equipped with the professional knowledge regarding the need to develop an effective interpersonal relationship with every member of the team.

Explanation of Relationship Management through Social Awareness

Social awareness or being aware of the social situations means that an individual is able to consider and understand the emotions of other people. Social awareness enables a person to understand the needs and concerns of others. Good leaders are expected to have skills in this ability to enable them to manage and lead others in the organization effectively. Before venturing in a sporting career, I engaged in different activities that aimed at improving and enhancing the social relationship with the people I work with. I established myself as a sports junkie where I took photos from various game events together with the players and coaches. My experience with the people helped create a good interpersonal relationship with the different sports clubs. I also used some specific hashtags such as #mashthegas, #sportsjunkie, #showtime, as well as #nodaysoff to help build my relationship with others. A sporting career is like any other business event or activity that one may decide to venture into. Further, they both require appropriate and effective branding like a business. Therefore, before I got into sporting I needed to brand myself to help me exploit the available opportunities. I used the above hashtag branding tactics to reach out to many people. It also helped me create social awareness about my movement. Using effective branding and social awareness strategies like the hashtags have helped me improve my involvement in sporting activities across the world. It has helped me create and explore different opportunities available for me and other sports lovers. However, the greatest of all, the management abilities of my relationship with others have also improved. I employ various strategies and techniques while managing my relationship with the prospective recruits. For example, I ensure that I keep my lines of communication open for the recruits to contact me. Social competence which involves social awareness and relationship management connects the person aptitude with the social realm. Staying connected with the prospective recruits is one way to understand them because they can consult me and communicate with me anytime they have needs or concerns that may need my attention. As recruits, they have a lot to learn and I am supposed to help them attain the first steps towards improving their skills in playing. Research shows that social competence or social awareness is the key to creating and building healthy interpersonal relationships (Vago & David, 2012).

Many people have not recognized sporting activities as one of the major career choices that their children can pick to venture into. I also recognize that it is difficult for many parents to let their children take sporting activities as their major career. Therefore, I employ different and separate relationship with the recruit parents. The child may like a game but the parent may not have the same desire or interest. Therefore, there must be a common background in which both parents and the child can agree. This is where I emphasize on while recruiting the players. Even though the organization I work for is there to help them advance their career development, but this does not mean that they do not need their parents support. Even if it is not financial support, these recruits still need to keep the love and connection with their families. Social awareness techniques help me to understand the other peoples moods, behaviors, and motives. This enables me to improve the quality and connection of our relationships with them. Social awareness techniques such as effective communication enable me to build bridges between parents and their children to maintain their relationship as well as with the organization. It enables me to appeal to my audiences and create consensus and support for them. As a result, I ensure that I communicate with my recruits on social media. Most young people nowadays like to communicate via the social media where they are able to communicate with their fellow or colleagues in schools, teams, or even organization where they work (Goodrich, & De Mooij, 2014). As mentioned before, social awareness involves understanding the other peoples concerns. Since they like to communicate via the social media such as Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter, I also tend to adapt to their system because this is probably the most common place I can easily find them. Also, as young people who follow their desires, I understand that I need to find a common background where we can all feel comfortable. However, since my communication with the recruits and their parents may be different, I ensure that I leave no comment that may lead to distortion of information or misunderstanding between me and the recruits or their parents.

Social awareness as an approach of keeping the organizational relationship healthy and thriving involves continuous build of trust between me and the recruits. Therefore, wh...

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