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Communication is an integral part of all peoples activities. I work in a beauty salon when we interact with clients on a regular basis. Also, such interactions relate to the clients needs in terms of their hair fashion, style, preference, and taste. Additionally, the beauty salon is situated in a small town, which is dominated by White Americans.

The beauty salon was established five years, and at the time, it was managed by two attendants. However, the beauty salon had significantly grown, and today, it is managed by ten White American hair stylists. Also, since the establishment was created, it has only attended to very few African-American clients.

Part II Communication Inhibitors

Language Barriers occurs due to variations in language, dialect, accent as well as vocabularies.

Individual Barriers takes place due to personal perception as well as personal discomfort when interacting with others.

Cultural Barriers takes place due to persons differences in factors like culture, gender, economic position, ethics and values among others.

Attitudinal Barriers takes place due to the problems with the employees in the organization. Workers portray a limitation in physical as well as mental intelligence.

Part III Application of Inhibitors

Communication Inhibitor Analysis

All Mondays at the beauty salon are hectic. The first Monday of the year, particularly, had a long queue of clients waiting impatiently for their turn to receive the hairdressing services. Normally, our clients are mostly White Americans. Nevertheless, on this day, a dark, well-dressed and good looking Black woman entered the salon and said: Hi Y'all! Momentarily, everyone kept quiet. Language Barriers

The heavily accented statement made by the African woman, Hi Yall! is not clearly understood by the other women at the Beauty Salon. Consequently, this resulted in an uncomfortable silence being made all the other women at the salon. It is a form of communication barrier since the white women were accustomed to hi to you all, instead of Hi Y'all!

After delayed greetings, all the White people in the beauty salon clients and stylists -exchanged puzzled looks; probably wondering why the black woman had chosen the only white people dominated salon in town. Customers and attendants alike would often gaze at the poor woman rudely when they thought she seemed not to notice. Individual Barriers

This barrier occurred due to the biased individual-based perception by the majority of the women in the salon. This is in that it was inappropriate for the black lady to attend white women dominated salon. Subsequently, this created a communication barrier between the white women and black lady. Also, instead of making communication with her, the white ladies stared disapprovingly at the African lady.

After two hours, it was the black womans turn to receive the hairdressing service. At the time, there were three open styling stations and three free attendants. However, each of the three attendants looked hopefully at the white women who were behind the dark lady in the queue. Probably, they were worried about the hairstyle that the dark-skinned lady would prefer to have, having been accustomed mostly to soft blonde and golden hair. Cultural Barriers

The hair attendants thought that the cultural differences between themselves and the black lady would create a variation in the taste, fashion and style of the hair styling chosen by the black client. As such, they were afraid of interacting with the African lady and instead, hoped to attend to the other waiting White American clients.

Lucy, one of the Beauty Salons hairs stylist, was unfortunate to be delegated the customer that all others feared to hair dress. Even at the onset of the service, it was evident that Lucys hands were trembling due to the anxiety of not messing up the beautiful, long and well-stitched dreadlocks the African woman had. Attitudinal Barriers

Lucy was visibly shaken to attend to the African lady, which is a sign of a communication barrier. Also, this shows that she had limitations in her physical and mental ability as well as intelligence to attend to the black client. For instance, she would not have feared so much to attend to the client if she was confident enough in her skills to perform all hair styling techniques. Also, she had diminished mental intelligence to realize that the African lady was just like any other client, and the only difference was her cultural origin.


Part IV - Evaluation

Effective communication is essential in the attainment of a healthy working environment. Also, it promotes job satisfaction among the employees, which subsequently elevates their efficiency and attitudes in performing their duties. Additionally, failure to communicate effectively at the workplace can result in frustration and confusion of the employees. As such, I value the role of effective communication at the beauty salon. Also, effective communication at the beauty salon has facilitated the expansion of the business since its creation.

Nevertheless, I would rank the communication level at the beauty salon at 65/100. The reason for choosing this score is because, from the analysis, it is evident that the employees have poor communication skills towards people of different cultural background. For instance, the poor communication treatment towards African-American lady who visited the salon portrays that there is a need for the workers to be educated on how to interact with clients from the different cultural background. Ultimately, this problem among the employees can be corrected through offering proper communication training to all the salons employees.


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