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Admission Essay Example

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University of Richmond
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Admission essay
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

One of my strengths positioning my interest in my field of interest is history. Out of my interest, I have been reading many historical texts such as the Scarlett Letter'. Comprehending various texts is also a strength that I possess, and I have drawn from the texts many social changes. Beyond social changes, I have also brought motivations from other texts by history authors such as Susan B. Anthony. From his text, I have been inspired by the progress that women have made in the society. Women such as Rosa Parks who has assisted in social change, Sojourner truth who has made speeches such as Aint I A Woman? and Harriet Tubman who has have influenced the underground movement of slaves is a good inspiration towards my interest for a social change. I have recently realized that some social changes reflect in the mind of people of our country when studying these books. Among the social changes that I have realized include compassion for assistance such as what Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman did. Attending the University of California would prove a challenge, but in no doubt, I believe that I will gain a unique set of experience and transferable skills.

I am a very innovative individual with high problem-solving abilities. Having been raised in a humble background as a partial orphan, life has hardened me to improvise my reaction to the severe hardship I have been experiencing. I lost a parent at a tender age, which was the breadwinner and main source of income and had to be reliant on well-wishers for the continuity of my study, some who abused me severely. I had to keep up with and overcome the harsh life full of embarrassments and hardships resulting from my adoption. Although the struggle was tough, it equipped me with supportive skills since I can take care of my family and that I can raise my two children.

As part of the side hustle, I have been utilizing my music talent by singing at community events to raise money for my upkeep as well as my family's. Alongside music, I have been training to play musical instruments that I have had interest. With my ability to learn music fast, I have incorporated my capacity into trying to further on instrumentation. In addition to this, my hard work, brightness, and intellectual abilities are proven by the fact that I had to outstandingly perform so as to sustain my scholarship that I had earned, while I was studying theatre, my first major, at Amda, in West Hollywood. The scholarship was a great chance since I sharpened most of my skills, became diverse and interacted with other people from different cultures. However, with the tough conditions that I have been through at my tender age, I used the well-wishers as a support for my scholarship. I could incorporate my personalities into various environments and ecological conditions I find myself in. I am a super gifted individual who balances expertly with the curriculum and extra curriculum activities. I am talented sportsman with relevant skills in soccer, baseball, and softball. I have been a supportive pillar towards the outstanding performance and shining of my teams. I have made my teams proud by participating in tough challenges that they thought they could not win. As an aspiring psychologist, I am a sociable person and participate in team building activities such as engaging my friends and schoolmates in group discussion and helping them in their studies.

I am a very independent person who believes in self-dependency and discipline in challenge approach. As a young single mother of two kids with no other source of income or financier, I have overcome multiple challenges in the bringing up of the children. I had to multitask and attend to my studies, as well as taking care of my aging mother. Multitasking has made me learn a lot and exposed me to the ways of learning better and incorporating more into my mind. The trouble was further complicated by the urge to allocate as much time as possible to spend with my children. For that reason, I have had limited time to perform my duties and tasks, together with look for money to raise the children. As a single mother and with my low openness personality, I have not been able to disclose such information about my private life to anyone. However, I am confident while writing this as I know that chance given cannot be wasted and I will look forward to pursuing my dreams to achieve what I have always wanted in life. Above all, I have overcome all above challenges with my commitment to excel and hit my targets and goals. I have successfully applied the concept of critical thinking to solve most of the challenges that come my way. I have proven the ability to challenge other thoughts that I believe were a rock towards my achievements. With the motivation of making my family proud by pursuing a degree in philosophy, I believe that this university of my choice would be handy in achieving academic excellence.

In addition to psychology, I am drawn to the University of California for other viable reasons. I strive to team up with the diverse groups of people that the University accommodates and with whom I share common interests. I understand that the University of California respects diversity and hence is not selective regarding admissions. I know that I have the honesty, trust, and success required to create an environment for the valuable values for the University. I am waiting to see the University develop a platform for future success by maintaining the diverse character. Through my interest in traveling, I have been able to meet and challenge various people and comprehend their cultures hence, fitting in the society with ease. Beyond traveling, I have also had the experience of exploring the worlds geographic at the comfort of my home. I have also been interested in poetry, acts, and plays that improve my ability to comprehend various societies' points of view. Furthermore, this was a driving force to take theatre as my major. There were periods when my father was ill and I was required to abandon tours and stay in b&bs, which was a good experience to me since I was able to feel the customs of life of the people there. I have had the opportunity to travel to Russia and all over Europe. Besides, in my young life, I have grown up in an almond orchard which put me with the mindset that I love the most; learning. With such an opportunity, I have been responsible for keeping the farm in motion. This has been a unique experience since I have been gained a lot of insights in social sciences.

I have captured a lot of lifes principles from my parents although they are not college graduates. While homeschooling, I have faced the inability to access to multiple technologies available for public schools. However, joining your team will be a great achievement since I will be able to nurture my love for psychology. I believe that the entry-level position is just a beginning for a greater journey in the psychologist career and contribution in changing the society. I understand that I have only scratched the surface of the subject matter, but I believe that with exposure to technology, the technological potential is limitless. In that note, I also know that my stay at the University of California will make my ability limitless. I have always craved for social sciences and science is my future, and through it, I am seeking another chance to follow my passion. After all, being able to follow ones passion is a dream come true.


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