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Essay Example on The Roberta's Restaurant in New York

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Harvey Mudd College
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The Roberta's restaurant is among the New York's best places to dine and get quality service. The food is tantalizing, and their staff is fantastic. It is a place you cannot hesitate to recommend to a friend when they are in town. The restaurant was opened in 2008, and it gained fame for the quality of Pizza it served (Ryu et al., p.215). It is a place you can wait for an hour to get a place to sit because it is always full of customers patiently waiting to be served the mouthwatering delicacies. It is depicted by these words "These are beautiful plates of food, artfully designed. The cuttlefish, in particular, would not look out of place on a starched tablecloth at Per Se. They are delicate of flavor, free of excess fats or salts, as pure an expression of new American cuisine as you are likely to find anywhere"(New York Times p.2). Besides the restaurant is strategically located with an ample parking it has got spacious dining and drinking areas although is it often full of customers. I evaluated this restaurant based on the food, drinks and how they serve their customers. Their rates are also friendly, and anyone can eat from this place (Ryu et al., p.215). Apart from the food, it has a garden bar where one can have a drink as they wait for their food to be ready. It is my favorite place, and anytime I am in New York, or a friend is there I just direct them to this excellent site.

The food has recorder a world-class record in the entire United States of America. When people think of pizza, they think of Roberta's. When one pope into the place it is always full of people with Pizza on the tables regardless of their wooden furniture that looks dull and unattractive (Ryu et al., p.215). The services of the chef by the name Mirarchi are the best from the way he cooks one can tell how the mill will taste before it is ready You ever look at a lamb breast taken off the bone? It looks like something you might use to wedge beneath a barn door to keep it from closing. Mr. Mirarchi uses meat glue to join two breasts into a more manageable rectangle, then presses the result overnight to set the bond. The next day, the lamb is placed in sealed plastic bags in a low-temperature circulating water bath and left to cook, again overnight(New York Times p.4 ).

From the features food, drinks and services it is evident to say that the evaluation was done correctly as it is also an opinion from other people who have visited this place. For instance, the New York Times reports the restaurant is nothing but a pillar excellence (Ryu et al., p.215). The services and the food served in a restaurant is the fundamental principle of rating it highly or low. In this regard can say that Robertas restaurant passed my evaluation test.

As compared to another restaurant in the New York Robertas seem incomparable because it is way above the league. Taking a look at Pok Pok restaurant that specializes in Thai food, the services are not as welcoming as those of Robertas. The waiters and waitresses are slow and serve with a lot of attitudes (Ryu et al., p.215). They look demotivated and not passionate about the work. The food takes a long time before is served. However, the best thing about it is that it has got excellent furniture and the room is well furnished. The place has got a lot of space to accommodate more customers as compared to Roberta's (Haghighi, p.323). In summary Roberta is the best because regardless of the beauty of a restaurant without good food the purpose is not fulfilled

On the contrary, it is important to note that Roberta's need to expand their facility because they have always known that they have several customers and it is not healthy to have a crowded eating place (Haghighi, p.323). The major food product that markets Robertas is Pizza otherwise if it could be serving some other cuisines the customers would not be as many as they are. It is because it was opened first as a pure pizza joint and expanded later.

In my opinion, it is paramount to note that for a restaurant to attract customers it has to offer right food coupled with excellent services. The two are complementary, and one cannot market the restaurant without the other. In my opinion for any restaurant to increase the sales of its products, it should adhere to the fundamental principle of serving good food. The evaluation can reveal that space and beauty is nothing without proper food and proper services. Besides, what a restaurant serves from the time it started will act as the driving force during the entire period.


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