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Essay Example on Interracial Couples

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It is believed that interracial couples are not racists since they are ready to marry other people who are from other ethnic groups. For example in the document of Small Ky. church bans interracial couples Melvin Thompson claims that he is not a racist since during summer his daughter visited the church with her boyfriend who is from Africa and they were not from the same race. This differs to the church secretary information Dean Harville who claimed that interracial couples cannot become members of the church, participate in other church activities or even take part in worship services.

Interracial couples are stereotyped to be facing the same problems as other couples who are of the same race which is different. Interracial couples are required to meet the required state laws for it to be considered as a legal marriage. In most cases, they do not want to be seen as other people will judge them. This was the same case for Richard loving and Mildred didnt want to be known and only wanted their families to be near them. The interracial couples do not enjoy their privacy since in most cases they are usually haunted for violating the law. For example, after the homecoming of the Lovings the police violated their privacy by raiding their home and they were jailed and they were charged since the judge claimed that God created different races and since He had separated these races they were not supposed to mix.

In conclusion, interracial couples tend to face several problems due to the rejection they face in the society and being stereotyped. People believe that they do not marry out of love and affection that they have towards each other but various situations such as status and pleasing of parents force a person to marry a person who is of another race.


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