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Sociology Essay Example on Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a situation that involves a code of behaviour that is accompanied by violence by one individual against the other in the society or an internal setup. One of the main reasons for domestic violence is for superiority reasons. Minority group feel like there should not be any form of control upon them by another group of people in the society. We should note that, in case of resistance of the group perceived to be inferior or the set of people to be controlled, the individuals that feel like they should be exercising power against the other resort to some of the unlawful actions. These actions may include use of threats, physical and sexual abuse among other unfair means of acquisition of power (Floric, 2012, p. 56).

After instilling fear and threat to this section of individuals in the society, the threatened group then surrender and give in to be controlled. Ideally, domestic violence affects most of the communities today if not all, moreover, domestic violence does not discriminate, and it affects everyone regardless of the social status, age, gender, religion and nationality that one belongs to (Floric, 2012, p. 77). Notably, some of the effects of domestic violence which can be both long term and short term include physical injuries, trauma and even death. It is worth noting that there exists a variation on how domestic violence exists in a relationship, but some of the control acts that can be abusive involve: exercising full control of all resources especially finances used by different families and demanding accountability for the funds used as wee. Moreover, abuses that are attributed to emotional feeling like name calling and shamming is also an example of control actions (Floric, 2012, p. 101).

Sexual abuse refers to a forced sexual involvement or contact without consent of one of the partners. Sexual harassment is unlawful because it arises because a victim was subjected to some threats, was performed through application of some physical force. Mutual consent of both the partners to sexual contact is essential and to define consent. It is to agree to the act that is yet to be done by giving a clear yes. Notably, a victim consenting to the action of unwanted sex just for the sake to rescue his or her life should not be treated as consent, and the wrongdoer should be arraigned in a court of law and charged with sexual assault (Healey, 2005, p. 45)

Perpetrators that are involved in sexual abuse are not seeking sexual satisfaction and pleasure, but instead, their primary goal is to cause humiliation, harm, control and intimidation of the minority. Just like domestic violence, everyone can be a victim of sexual abuse regardless of social class, age, gender and economic status that one may have in the society. Sexual abuse includes harassment, incest, rape, molestation, forced sex and oral sex. We should work together and be our brother's keeper and be aware of the dangers and threats that we are exposed to in the society, and appropriate preventive measures are undertaken. Relevant policies and services need to be put in place so that these two practices can be abolished across the globe today.

The extent of which the minorities and marginalised groups are being affected by these unwanted actions is agonising because it includes both short and long-term effects. Victims of domestic violence and have successfully survived the act are exposed to many challenges in life (Hoyle, 2000, p. 200).These problems come as a result of the endurance they have undergone during the process and not forgetting emotional and mental molestation. Similarly, it can take a substantial time for the survivor of domestic violence to change and live in a safe environment. In addition to this, the pain the survivor underwent can be so severe and the healing period can as well be extended and hence hindering the victim from performing some of the regular domestic chores.

Just to mention, some of the consequences of domestic violence include fatigue that occurs in the chronic of the victim, muscle tension, the victim may experience changes in sleeping and eating habit. Moreover, the victim suffers sexual dysfunction, and in women, it affects the menstrual cycle and fertility issues. These consequences can be categorised based on some groups on how they affect the victim. First, we will have a look at the most frequent emotional and spiritual effect of domestic violence (Hoyle, 2000, p. 221).

These effects are hopelessness in that the victim is feeling like there is no value in life or he is not worth living, the inability of the survivor to trust anybody and feeling unmotivated.

Children are witnessing domestic violence, especially in their families. For instance, when one of the parents is abusing the other in the presence of the child. Most of the children who experience domestic violence at home in many cases feel that they are the ones responsible for such acts and therefore are the ones to blame. What comes to one mind when we see the phrase domestic violence on children? We saw pictures of bruises, injuries and burned body parts of a child. The physical injuries are the immediate consequences of domestic abuse, but a definite line should be drawn between the children who experience domestic violence and children who witness domestic violence (Hoyle, 2000, p. 234).

The effects of domestic violence can be further extended to those who have witnessed these acts especially the children. It is worth to note that it does not matter whether the children have undergone this abuse or they have just seen, what matters is that it will take a significant toll as they grow and develop. The children will think of this scenario as they grow and this may not impact positively on the part of the childs growth and development...

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