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Essay Example on Importance of Empathy

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Humanity and its generation have anchored some of the virtues that are associated with kindness to one another; generally, it is seen as an act on high esteem when an individual lowers him or herself to the level of each other particularly in times of distress. It is in this line of thought that an act of empathy comes in when an individual utterly considers the ill that has befallen another and assumes that he or she is the one affected by the problem. This will culminate in the act of certain manifestations emotions towards the estranged individual. Therefore, empathy is defined as a condition of being aware of the feelings and emotions of other people Coplan, (Amy, and Peter Goldie, p. 36). Typically, it presents a key element that is termed as emotional intelligence that links self and others because portrays how we and at individual level, does understand what others are going through or experiencing in a manner that resonates with our feelings. It is therefore essential that every person, show an act of empathy to one another especially when they are going through the hardest time f their life.

The act of empathy goes typically far beyond sympathy, which is considered a feeling for someone. Instead, empathy is seen not to be a feeling for someone but a feeling with the person in the form of imagination. In our daily irking life through the hustle and struggle, we are often caught in scenarios that prove to be difficult to extricate ourselves from; such times require a sobering moment that is believed to bring tranquility to the troubled mind. For instance, one of the saddening moments that take humanity to this end includes the death of a loved one or being in a sickening condition that overrides the emotions of the immediate relatives amongst other scenarios Coplan, (Amy, and Peter Goldie, p. 39). While in such, circumstances, human being tends to look for friends, relatives, or friends whom they can find solace in them and at least those that assume to being in the same situation as the person in the problem. This is the point that empathy generates a feeling of soothing especially with an imagination that the same people are also sharing with us the problems we are warding in and consoling with us.

In an eventful realization, we see that this is one of the virtues that is exhibited by human beings towards relatives, friends and loved one in times of need. Virtue can be acquired. It is, therefore, necessary to realize that the counter-argument to the fact that virtue is human is limited to several situations and different people. Many people seem to ignore this attribute of empathy, but they cannot be overlooked or convicted since (Howe, P. 45), empathy is an act of emotion and a feeling, other people, therefore, are not able to present it even though they may seem to understand ones position of problem and also assist in providing a remedy. So why can someone be considered none empathic to another one? It is true that majority of us had had interaction with people that leave us perplexed regarding empathy. However, those who choose to ignore the fact that others need emotional support plainly are just right in their way and can only justify this given time. It is therefore vital that they are not convicted just like those who empathies are not considered o be weak.

In conclusion, no matter how one views it, human beings exist in constant communication with each other and are considered social beings. Human being posses an understanding of others situation as well as reading their feelings and emotions. Thus, empathy gives an edge to many as motives ring I a rejoinder acceptance that one should be treated just as they wish to be treated by others.


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