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Scientific Journal Article Critique: Social Anxiety

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Article review
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Highton-Williamson, E., Priebe, S., & Giacco, D. (2015). Online social networking in people with psychosis: a systematic review. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 61(1), 92-101.

The journal targets individuals and groups with psychosis that would wish to develop social media networking programs but have not fully understood the implications, challenges as well as the benefits that come with social media and other online networks. Additionally, the journal also targets learners and students who wish to know the history of online networking, the factors that led to its emergence and those that discourage its use by people with psychosis. The writer tries to bring to the attention of the reader the evolution process of online networking and how it developed in the past and its subsequent failure in the past few years. The title of the publication is attractive to the audience and makes it attractive to read. Moreover, the journals title points to both the positive and negative aspects of the central point insinuating online networking do not thrive in the past but embrace due to the global advancement in technology. Additionally, the title gives an excellent impression of what has happened to strategic planning over the years to ensure it helps the people with psychosis.

The journal impacts a real understanding of social networking on the reader; it helps individuals understand how to maintain sustainable networking policies and the use of social media primarily for helping people with psychosis. Further, it targets new users who are getting into the health sector. It seeks to give them insights on current and practical measures that can be put in place to advance online networking by people suffering from psychosis. Moreover, the journal brings to the attention of the users about the essence of communication in their as a contributor to social development. Furthermore, learners are also targeted to understand the significance of networking in the health sector.

Highton-Williamson is an outstanding scholar as well as a global media personality known for his contribution in the activism arena through the many journals he writes. Furthermore, she does most of her work at the Sydney Universitys school of medicine. As a scholar, Priebe has an excellent platform at the university where he develops content and avails it through the libraries. The journal gets inspiration from the experience in the field of health and, having learned a lot from different scholars that came before him. Before the printing of this journal, the authors did a lot of research and borrowed a lot of information from other scholars; they also subjected the work to peer review by his fellow writers. On the other hand, the journal is quite pessimistic about the usage of online networking systems by people suffering from psychosis. Giacco is an outstanding health researcher whose work covered the health sector for a long time. The research, therefore, involves the scholars and a group of community organizers with the ability to mobilize people and make them take part in the research process.

In the process of collecting information, the researchers first carried out a pilot program for the tool of extracting information. The idea was to present enough documentation and storage of both quantitative and the qualitative modules of studies. Afterwards, the researchers focused on the characteristics, methods, aims, methods and finally determined the findings of the information. They collected data to examine the precise use of online networks as a way of learning the differences in the conclusions of the study. Consequently, the researchers carried out a preliminary synthesis that helped thee in grouping the various studies depending on their similarity. They determined such online social network systems and type depending on the different social relationships. They further explored the preliminary grouping and used the emerging themes in a relating purpose of using online social networking. The research findings indicate that individuals experiencing psychosis often use the Internet in many instances more than control groups in the process of social networking. It also becomes evident that such people also spend more time in chat rooms and online games even though they have fewer offline social contacts. Nonetheless, there was a sense of variation regarding participation across studies. Most of the studies indicated that people suffering from psychosis prefer online tools of social networking.

The author's mode of writing is descriptive as he uses some illustrations. Additionally, the work is logically organized and goes ahead to give the history of online networking, social media, and employment policies with testimonies from many managers and corporate leaders on its application. The descriptive method of using illustrations made the research process more accessible to the researchers because of its practicality that allows many people to take part in the research process. The researchers followed the right procedure and also uninvolved the right group of people in the process. However, they would have also organized focus group discussions to get the views of the ordinary citizens. In that way, they would create a positive on the community and the research.



Highton-Williamson, E., Priebe, S., & Giacco, D. (2015). Online social networking in people with psychosis: a systematic review. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 61(1), 92-101.


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