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Assessment Activity Massage Philosophy and Goals Reflective Journal

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Question 1 What are your personal goals and aspirations in developing your own practice as a massage professional? (Note: Professional and Personal goals should reflect the values and philosophy of Massage Therapy)

In developing my practice as a massage professional, my personal goal and aspirations revolve around a selection of activities bound to values and philosophy of massage therapy. My own goals aim at helping relieve pain and tension (muscle), help calm the nervous system of the involved personnel. Also, my aim revolves around ensuring I offer safe, positive and relaxing experience to my clients together with respecting them. However, my primary objective settles on providing customer satisfaction of my services.

As aspirations, I am aspiring to develop my practice that will mainly focus on helping the hurting individuals since I am compassionate with all the activities and operations involving massage therapy. With the training, I aspire to grow on the different massage professional and influence people into teaching them on the importance and relevance of massage therapy.

Question 2 What are some practical strategies that can help you achieve your practice goals?

In achieving my practice goals, I will follow on different practical strategies that will ensure I focus on the goals.

Creating a plan of action. With planning as one of the best strategies for the realization of goals, creating a plan of action is a practical strategy that can help in achieving the practice goals. Creating a massive action is significant in the implementation of severe goals since it acts like a blueprint.

Mitigating distraction. When distractions occur, for instance in the massage therapy related profession, it may render a dangerous effect. These distractions act negatively to the ambition of the set plan. They may include, relations with the clients or activities by the workers. Thus, with the mitigation of distraction, it can help in realizing the practice goals.

Eliminating bad habit. Bad habits incur negativity in the progress of the practice towards the realization of the set goals. It is difficult; however, it is essential to maintain the strategy is followed since it may render difficulties.

Tracking progress is another strategy that can help in the realization of the practice goals. It develops on the importance of maintaining a proper working structure.

Time management is also an important strategy that will help in achieving my practice goal. It ensures appropriate control of resources and time.

Question 3 What time frames have you set up to achieve your goals?

In achieving my goals, I have set time frames that will control the operations relating to the massage practice philosophy. The first-time structure involves breaking my goals into small manageable pieces. Since achievement of practice goals in a process, achieving all the goals is challenging and demanding. Thus, cutting them into manageable tasks enhances time flexibility and operation.

Another time frame that can help is keeping on task. It entails that when an issue or occurrence arises, it is administered with the care it deserves. Also, it ensures that there is no procrastination in one way or the other. Still, in setting up the appropriate time frames, measuring the success is a time frame I believe can help. Estimating the success entails observation on the details of the operations. It also requires referring to the available achievements so far and what to do next.

Question 4 Give consideration to how you would like to work as a massage professional once you graduate. Document at least 2 different models of employment options and professional opportunities as a Massage Therapist and indicate your most likely pathway including why you have chosen that model for your circumstances.

Once I graduate as a massage professional, I would like to work as a massage therapist. I would want to talk with clients concerning their issues, medical histories, evaluate the conditions of the clients, for instance, location tense and painful parts of the body, and also providing the appropriate guidance for the clients on how to improve on their results.

The massage therapies employment option is entailed within three subsets that involve; the clinical or medical massage therapy, fitness or sports massage therapy, and the SPA or wellness massage therapy. These subgroups include the operation according to the work environments that the treatment may gain detailing and placement. Concerning my personal views, I the medical or clinical massage therapy is a subset that I choose to work with since it aligns with my goals and aspirations.

Question 5 Research and outline the components and requirements for sustainable massage practice including sustainability as it relates to each of the following:

Economic opportunities and viability

Environmental considerations

Human considerations such as personal health and wellbeing

Professional development

Social responsibility

Ensure you address each of the points above in your answer

With the details of massage practice sustainability, different issues relating to the operations of the practice are impacted. They involve;

Economic opportunities and viability- since massage practice operates and is a business, the activities of the training seek the requirement for money and also is a medium through which the employer or the owner earns a living. It offers the opportunity for the making of profits which ender economic viability.

Environmental considerations- the ecological sustainability implies on the environment through which the massage clinic is run. Significant steps are in the placement that reduces on the detrimental effects by considering how the business operates among other resources.

Human or personal consideration- the own sustainability for the massage therapists, creates an avenue that considers on ensuring a long-term well-being of the clients. It promotes that the productivity and the efficiency in offering the services.

Professional development- in the context of the massage practices, they maintain the general development of the involved personnel. It grows in their activity along with experience thus comprising social responsibility.

Social responsibility- on the basis of social sustainability, they entail the details of marketing which looks into educating the public on how massage benefits and ensuring the understanding of what it entails. Also, it revolves around forming allied healthcare which gives on the maintenance of communication and relations to message practices.

Question 6 What personal health strategies can you and are you undertaking to support yourself as a practicing massage therapist?

Since therapists look at caring for other people, it is significant also to ensure proper health strategies as I undertake and practice massage therapy. The plans include: remembering to keep my wrist straight as I massage people, listening to my advice to patients; for example, "drink enough water," paying attention to where my pressure comes from and ensuring I take necessary measures as I give a massage. Also, making the frequent breaks is essential together with using hand tools to prevent thumb injury are health strategies as a practice massage therapist.

Student Declaration I declare that the work submitted in this assessment activity is entirely my own individual work.

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