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Employee Satisfaction and Intrapreneurship - Essay Example

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The workplace is a dynamic environment that provides opportunities for employees to display their skills and competence while fulfilling their required duties by the employers. Hence, some organizations allow the aspect of intrapreneurship within the organization since they recognize the benefits that come with such an act within the workplace. An intrapreneur is one who works with results as they commit themselves to act in business ideas that can help derive benefits either in the short-term or the long-term. In addition, they are people who have high motivation and are willing and able to initiate actions that will help the organization move towards development and success (Auer Antoncic & Antoncic, 2011). However, the intrapreneurs work within the power and authority within the organization so that they can avoid getting in conflicts with their employers. Hence, there is a direct relationship between an intrapreneur and opportunities, market domain evaluation, and SWOT analysis. Since an intrapreneur is result-oriented, they push towards identifying opportunities that can help improve the income flow at the workplace. The identification of opportunities takes a process where the intrapreneur studies the workplace through highlighting the strengths, opportunities, threats, and weakness. This is the SWOT analysis, which allows the intrapreneur to focus on the opportunities that an organization has which can help change the work environment as well as the industry (Gundogdu, 2012). With opportunities and the freedom that comes with responsibility, there is a high level and probability of implementing the ideas one has so that they can find mutual ground for growth. For instance, an intrapreneur may implement an idea that will make it easy to manage the supply chain to ensure that customers get a high level of satisfaction. More customers mean that financial statements will record more and increased results from the generated profits (Douglas & Fitzsimmons, 2013). An intrapreneur may also suggest ways in which to improve the image and brand of the organization by transforming and positioning the firm.

An organization identifies its intrapreneurial opportunities through studying the industry. it becomes easy to know the chances, threats, and challenges that an organization might meet along the way as it enhances its production capabilities (Auer Antoncic & Antoncic, 2011). On the other hand, it becomes easy to implement ideas since an intrapreneur has a roadmap of what they seek to achieve both in the short-term and in the long-term. Market domain evaluation involves the study of purchase patterns and acquisition of new customers as well as the ability to retain them. An intrapreneur identifies and helps in the implementation process of the strategic ideas that can help the organization grow and retain the market share in the industry (Gundogdu, 2012). Further, the intrapreneur recognizes that changes in the industry may happen which justifies the need to evaluate the market and do a SWOT analysis constantly. When the management is equipped with the results, it is in a better position to make changes that will help generate more profits.

Intrapreneurship leads to the creation of opportunities and expansion through identification of areas that can enhance the work-environment (Douglas & Fitzsimmons, 2013). Hence, an intrapreneur focuses on the processes that may improve the workplace with the aim of improving each of them as they align with the goals and objectives of the organization (Auer Antoncic & Antoncic, 2011). Therefore, all the changes taking place in an organization come from innovative ideas. An intrapreneur understands the need to possess critical and creative skills as they are necessary when implementing or developing ideas that can transform the workplace and the industry as a whole. An intrapreneur understands that testing ideas developed through a brainstorming session may take time while others might produce negative results (Gundogdu, 2012). It is at this point that the intrapreneur needs to prove their resilience and ability to handle internal and external pressure to produce results. However, after a successful implementation of ideas, then it becomes easy to come up with theories that can work for the organization and industry as a whole. Growth and development occur making it easy for the intrapreneur to branch off from being an employee to an employer. Starting a company becomes an easy process for an intrapreneur as they have innovative and creative ideas which the can prove are independent (Douglas & Fitzsimmons, 2013).

Intrapreneurial opportunities within a company have positive results as the efforts and commitment of an entrepreneur pay off within a short time. Production of results becomes a realistic goal for all innovators. There is a reduced cost of production with an increased yield due to the developments introduced at each department in an organization (Auer Antoncic & Antoncic, 2011). Resources used to produce an output reduce as the entrepreneur introduces ways in which they can do away with unnecessary costs. An organization is most likely to perform better than its competitors are since it has adopted creative methods. Every financial reporting period indicates actual monetary benefits that an organization gets because of introducing entrepreneur ideas.


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