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Conceptualizing Phone Attachment in Freud's Theory

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Freud focused his work on fundamental concepts used in psychology today. Among them is the principle that argues the need to pursue pleasure and avoid displeasure at all times. The drive to pleasure is guided by the id part of the personality. The id seeks immediate gratification regardless of the reality. The drive emaciating from the id is self-centered and selfish. To control this pleasure-seeking habit, the ego controls the id. The ego operates on the reality principle examining the possibility of fulfilling the needs of the id. The superego is known as the moral development impacted by the interaction with ones environment and the societal values.

The concept of the id can be conceptualized at a personal level and connection to ones mobile phone. One gets addicted to the phone because it provides an immediate gratification. Whenever one seeks to play a game, make a call, surf the internet or connect with virtual friends, the phone is always available to fulfill these needs. The ego doesnt intervene to delay gratification when using a phone in most cases. However, the ego delays gratification in nearly all other scenarios of life. For instance, when one craves for barbecue, the ego controls the id to suppress this urge until fulfilling the need to have barbecue is realistic and possible (perhaps go to an outlet and make a purchase then delay eating until one gets home or is in a space where it is socially acceptable to eat). The id, therefore, learns that the using a phone is an outlet or means for real or imagined gratification of the needs. It explains why a person receives frustrating news on the phone and they respond by playing a game to calm them down.

The phone is programmed in a way that it uses a calming language and expressions. When making a call, and it fails to go through, the programmed voice apologizes and offers a solution. For instance, a most mobile network offer that one leaves a message and promises to deliver it. Some services make a promise to inform the caller as soon as the persons they tried to reach is reachable. This consolation is an attachment and assurance that most people didnt get when they were kids. As such, the consolation makes them feel safe and cling to the phone because the id is assured of a reliable source of gratification.

Most people use their phones to manage their anxieties. Even when the anxieties are not related to the gadget, people find consolation, assurance, and safety on gadgets. When one gets into an uncomfortable social meeting, and someone starts a disturbing conversation at the dinner table, everyone is drawn to open a tab on their phones to help them through the uncomfortable situations. Freud agrees that people are social beings and have a need for attachment. Being attached to people is healthy and preferred but has the risk of being disappointed. When one is attached to a phone, they are assured that attachment is safe. People usually prefer traceable devices because then they can always reconnect with the gadget easily.

Strong attachment to phones can be regarded as a need fulfilling process for the id. Also, the needs for attachment is easy to fulfill using a phone unlike the case is when depending on people since they disappoint sometimes. People also use phones as a means of defense or coping strategy.

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