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Essay on Anorexia Nervosa Cases

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Middlebury College
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I agree with the outlined strengths of Greg. The decision to seek medical attention is crucial too and reflects your skills to prioritize needs. However, when you talk of LGBTQ support, I dont understand what kind of support this is and why Greg needs it in the first place. The problems that Greg is facing are resulting from his teaching problems. The boyfriend who left him didnt have any problems with him except that he felt he couldnt keep up with eating issues. Also, is there a rehab program for anorexia nervosa? The agreement you made with Greg is from a medical perspective. What about a therapeutic arrangement to indicate you will be doing with him in therapy. How do all the physical conditions affecting your diagnosis come into play now? Are we still working with Greg here?

Karen case

In general, the assessment is well-done, but I was concerned from the beginning when you talked about Karens depression. Is it clinical depression and it so is it diagnosed or do you at least have supporting symptoms to justify your claim? Seeking an assessment from the physician was a significant course of action. The analysis of affecting factors was insightful. I couldnt comprehend hat you meant by age makes her prone to suicide. Is it due to developmental stage or environmental changes happening in her life? Also, how real is it for a depressive person to the point of being to seek therapy services? What kind of girls support are you mentioning and how realistic is this plan since she is moving for studies. Does Karen lack confidence or is she having body image issues?


I would like your explanation of the specific diagnoses. My diagnosis was anorexia nervosa for both cases, and I had different specifiers from yours. Also, what are the treatment plan you would adopt your clients based on the diagnosis you gave?




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