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Essay Example: Comparison Based on Health Assessment

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According to the recent research, the health standards of a nation are determined by the minority group. In the last century, the United States has continued to become diverse due to the increased number of people moving into the country due to wars, education and work-related issues. According to 2010 Census, United States had approximately 36% of its population belonging to the various ethnic minority groups (Wu, 2012). Despite the improvement in the health indicators like increased of life expectancy and reduction of infant mortality for the majority of Americans, some minority group has like the Hispanic communities have continued to experience the burden of preventable disabilities, diseases, and death compared to the non-minorities (Case, 2015).

Americans Hispanic Health Status

According to the information from CDC (2013) close to 12.2% of the Hispanic population off suffer from diabetes in the year of 2010 compared to 8% of the overall population. The report indicates the condition is worse in male since it affects up to 15.4% as compared to 9.5% of the female population. Moreover, the rate is on the rise since by 2006, on 8.6% of the Hispanic population was suffering from the condition. Furthermore, research reveals that Hispanic children suffer a higher rate of obesity and diabetes state compared to the national average. As a result of the obesity, the Hispanic population experiences higher rates of the heart-related diseases (Daviglus et al., 2012)

Health promotion can be defined by the American Hispanic community as the dissemination of material for education that is aimed at enhancing the access to the healthcare system. Since diabetes is the primary concern of healthcare due to effects on the large percentage of the population, education material design in the Spanish language describes the specific causes of diabetes could be a useful measure used in raising awareness. The move can help to overcome the language as well as educational barriers. Therefore, this can help to reduce the percentage of people being affected by diabetes since much of the pre-diabetic patient care is work that individual can do on their own. The approach includes the primary goal of minimizing the risk by encouraging better diet as well as the exercise between the youth and adult. The secondary objective is to address directly the existing of the disease as well as attempting to treat it that could involve improvement of exercise and diet. Finally, the tertiary management of the conditions is also necessary. Diabetes screening with the help of Spanish speaking group offers tertiary prevention method thereby helping to soften the impacts.

Nevertheless, health disparities among the American's Hispanic group have various causes consisting of the many complexes as well as connected causes such as cultural, sociopolitical and socioeconomic causes. Socioeconomic determinants include the high rate of poverty, lack of adequate education, discrimination as well as racism. Sociopolitical entails lack of political goodwill and representation to champion for access to better healthcare while the cultural behaviors involve health belief about causes and sources of illness as compared to the national average (Uphoff, et al. 2013).

Consequently, there are more significant health disparities between the American Hispanic and the real citizens. According to the Hispanic data from 2014 NSDUH, the rate of illegal abuse of drug among the Hispanic individual of ages 12 and above was found to be 8.9% compared to the national average that was 10.2%. Moreover, the 15% of people between age 18 and above who reported mental illness compared to 18% of the national average. Additionally, about 5.6% of the population reported significant depression compared to the 12.2% of the national average.

Finally, primary approach as a method of method of health promotion is likely to succeed in controlling the health problem within the Hispanic minority. The Spanish written material would help to raise awareness and improve understanding of the people of how to manage the problem of diabetes and obesities which are the primary health problem among the Hispanic minority group. The primary approach entails describing experiments that demonstrate weight loss of a Hispanic child using educational materials that are written in Spanish. The primary strategy is the effective method because it is cost effective and can be readily adopted by the citizen.


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