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Collegiate Sports - Essay on Physical Education

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Harvey Mudd College
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Sports have been in existence for thousands of years. Indeed they are very crucial in our lives. Games are not only meant for children but adults too. They bring people together regardless of their origins, religious backgrounds, and economic status. Sports can also help one in reducing stress, keeping in shape and maintaining one's health.

Collegiate sports play an essential role in fielding events. College football and other games help in bringing students together. Different teams meet in these activities which help players to come across new people and share ideas in these fielding events. College students from various places are also able to showcase their talents. This can, in turn, lead to the growth of the careers of many college students who can then play in major leagues. Collegiate sports also help in character building of the students (Iber & Regalado, 2007). Many students can build a sportsmanship attitude in these fielding activities. If one of the team loses, it accepts the defeat honorably. Sports have the power to bring people together.

Baseball is one of the essential sports that bring people together. Major and minor leagues participate in this sport. Also, several fans have been able to subscribe to various sides and to fully support their teams. Through baseball, characters of different backgrounds can meet and interact. Both blacks and whites are in a position to mingle freely without minding their races. This integration has also impacted economic growth. This is as a result of the collections made from ticket fee paid by fans of various baseball teams and buying of jerseys (Blair, 2012).

In any sport, there have to be various characters that play different roles. There are players as well as officials who officiate in each game. Equally, some instructions are followed to ensure fair play in the game. In baseball players play an important role in bringing competition between two teams. Each team strives to emerge the winner in a sporting event. As a result of the role played by each character, fans are entertained. Also, players participate in various sporting activities for varied reasons. Character building and development is one of the fundamental basis for gaming. Through baseball, characters can acquire traits such as endurance and patience which are vital factors in the success of this game. Consequently, characters can participate in baseball for career growth (Blair, 2012). It has created employment for young budding players in major leagues. Sports are not only meant for fun and entertainment but a strong pillar in nurturing the mental capacity. One needs to be alert and quick in thinking while gaming to overpower the opponent and emerge the winner in that sport. Many people also engage in games for health reasons such as to keep physically fit.

Personally, I have participated in various sports. However, of all the sports I have participated in, basketball was the best. Firstly, basketball is a game that not only needs physical strength but also brains when playing it. Height is also a determining factor in this game. Tall people tend to have an advantage over short people (Iber & Regalado, 2007). What I like about basketball is that although height is a consideration, everyone can play it depending on the position. In conclusion, sports form an integral part of our lives. Through sports people can integrate and develop their talents. Collegiate sports play a vital role in bringing students from various colleges together and ensuring healthy competition.



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