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Clinton and Trump Presidential Election - Essay on Political Science

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Sewanee University of the South
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The IBD/TIPP presidential tracking poll becomes the accurate poll in the current presidential elections. During the 2016 general elections, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had a stiff competition. The IBD/TIPP results revealed that Clinton 43.4% of the total results while Donald Trump managed to get 45.0%. There were other candidates who participated in the 2016 general election and included Jonson who was the third and had 7.6%. Jill Stein on the other had had 2.0%.

The Donald Trump's presidential race victory on the night of Tuesday indicated remarkable elections and many of the democratic senate participants retained their majority in the house of the representatives. The major topics which donated the 2016 general election discussion include the following areas. Firstly, Mr. Trump went to stage in the Hilton before 3 am and address his supporters saying that Hillary Clinton wanted him to concede the 2016 election. He went on saying that he wanted to reclaim the country's destiny to become bold and daring. He called for the unity and expressed his hopes of the republicans and democrats working together.

Secondly, the democratic hopes about Clinton defeating Mr. Donald Trump became crumbled since the bombastic style of the Republican candidates appeared winning the important support among the white, the rural voters across the nation and the working class. The third topic which dominated the discussion of the election becomes the loss of Hillary Clinton which seemed to result from worse than as expected.

The black voters went up to about 12 percent of the voter turnout in 2016 and this was almost equal to that of the year 2012. Hillary Clinton won the majority of the black voters summing to 88% when compared to that achieved by Donald Trump which was about 8%. In 2012, Mr. Obama had 93% of the African-American vote. Hillary Clinton did worse when compared to Barack Obama among the young voters demographic group. The individuals under age 30 were 19% of the 2016 electorate which was equal to 2012. Clinton had 54% of their support while Obama having 60%.Donald Trump had 37 percent of the voters under the age of 30 and this was the equal percentage which Mitt Romney won in the year 2012.

Mr. Trump had victory mainly with the voters who not identified strongly with either of the party. The independent voters demographic group made about 31% of the 2016 general election which was higher when compared to 2012 which was 29%. Hilary Clinton had 42 % of the independent voters while Trump had 47%. 6% of the independent voters supported Johnson and 3% voted Jill Stein. Majority of the Florida voters demographic group had the interest to elect a president that will bring a serious change to the state. Mr. Donald Trump had victory with that group with a wide margin. Those who were interested with experience, compassionate and very judicious leader supported Hillary Clinton.

The other demographic group in 2016 became the Hispanic voters and made 11% of the voters nationwide. Mrs. Clinton had 65% support of this group while Donald Trump had 29% from the Hispanic voters. Mr. Trump did similarly well in Ohio with a demographic group of voters aging 18-29. Ms. Stein and Mr. Johnson had 7% of the voters from this demographic group. The black voters which they were to support Mr. Obama in Ohio in 2012 became 6 points higher when compared to those who would likely have supported Mrs. Clinton.

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