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Business Administration Essay on Davids Tea Strategy

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The brand name Davids Tea tells what the company is associated with, David is one of the founders of the company, and is the one who was behind the idea of establishing a tea selling outlets in Canada, and Tea is the product that they are selling. The designing and branding of the company were meant to be easy for the customers who understand the essence of tea.

Davids Tea is a company that is known as the company that is welcoming and offers warm smiles together with warm tea, their aim is to give tea aesthetic and curious clients, a friendly and colorful environment that is modern and at the same time serving executive tea (The DAVIDsTEA Experience n.d.).

David's Tea exceptional features such as the strong brand, often reflects the flavors, unique blends, and the quality of the tea that one will get from different parts of the world and customization of their products as well as the outstanding customer service by expert and knowledgeable staff. Davids Tea has been able to make it in the market and expand its services due to health awareness as well as benefits that it comes with the tea. The aim of redesigning DAVIDs TEA was to give the company a log that is easily recognized while upholding the clean, modern and welcoming feeling (Davids Tea strategy, 2018).

8. Strategic Brand Promotional Mix

Points of promotion

David's Tea has the variety of strategies based on the promotional activities. They use the retail stores as the main communicating channels to reach their customers an in this way, they also promote themselves. Many of their stores are set in the key areas that have heavy traffic of customers like the intersections as well as malls. The other place that supports the promotion of their stores is in the neighborhoods that typify with commercial activities like Downtown Montreal or The Financial District in Toronto. The stores have the attractive design, it is then clean and brightly colored, the stores usually emit very pleasant aromas of tea that attract customers to the store (Brands of the Year: DavidsTea brews up growth, 2018).


The employees of David's tea is main element of the promotional mix; they are educated and qualified tea professionals. They are also healthy and good looking hence representing ad transmitting the significance of the brand to the customers. The employees offer the customer, a free sample of the newly arrived flavors of tea (The DAVIDsTEA Experience n.d.).

Packaging presentation

The David' Tea uses portable mugs as a means of promoting their company and products, the company's logo is branded at specific places of the mugs and they have unique color as well as patterns. This means of gaining public recognition is similar to that of Starbucks (Brands of the Year: DavidsTea brews up growth, 2018).

Public Relations (PR)

The company has utilized the print media to publish the health benefits of the tea they sell. The significance of their tea appears on the websites and magazines, such as the Forbes and The Motley Fool (Marketing and Technology Expert, 2018).

Internet and Social Media

The brand uses all social media channels to promote their product, including the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google. The accounts are active, and it is a channel that the company uses to communicate to their customers about the brand essence (Marketing and Technology Expert, 2018).


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