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Case Study Example: The Chicano Movement

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Case study
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Briefly, define this concept/event in Chicano

The Chicano movement gained popularity in the sixties and early seventies. Politics of protest mainly characterize Chicano movement. The movement at the time primarily focused on key things which were educational reforms, equality, social justice, and economic and political self-determination for the Chicano communities. Fundamentally, the Chicana movement came into existence as an outcome of the subtleties of the Chicana movement. Moreover, the development of feminist realization was because of women understandings with sexism in mass social movements and revolutionary struggles.

Primarily, during the 1960s and 1970s, the Chicano families were a foundation of political and cultural struggle to the several kinds of discrimination that were experienced in the American society. Mainly the Chicano movement primarily stressed on the need of safeguarding the value of family loyalty. The campaign used the family setting as the organizational tool for protest activities. This means that all the families within the organization participated in activities to push forward the ideology of the movement. The inclusion of the families in the movement as a tool of protest made sure that the campaign had a more significant lobbying power.

Moreover, throughout the seventies and eighties, the rise of Chicana feminist was forced to come to terms with the increased criticism, cultural nationalism, and feminism. The main issue was to include women in the Chicano movements and improve their status in the broader social movement. Primarily, the inclusion of women in the movement would seek for equality, justice, and strengthen the movement. However, the addition of the women in the movement at the same time undermined the traditional gender role because their acceptance and participation in the Chicano movement were limited.

The cultural nationalism was one of the leading factors that presented a central philosophical element to the Chicano movement. The cultural nationalism mainly stressed on the cultural pride and the cultural survival within the Anglo-dominated society which became a primary political direction for the Chicano movement. The Chicano movement was a vital part of shaping the political setting and inclusion of women in the political careers.

Significance to the study of Chicano history since 1910

The study provided crucial information about the formation of the Chicano movement and how women came to be involved in the struggle. Further, the research indicates the leading ideology of the movement and factors that played a crucial role in the formation of the undertaking. The factors included equality, social justice, educational reforms, economic self-determination, and political self-determination for the Chicano communities. The further indicates the struggle and importance of women inclusion in the movement although the traditional role of the women undermined their involvement. Importantly, the study helps the reader and the public understand how the movement was organized and the issue it was aiming at.

Similarly, the study highlights the struggle of the Chicano communities the battle they underwent to improve their lives. The study also investigates crucial elements of the Chicano movement which are capitalism, racism, and patriarchy mainly because the majority of Chicanas experienced them. Such problems need to be addressed by the evolving Chicana feminist movement, politically, and analytically. The study shows how the campaign was organized and their chief grievances. The study does a great job in indicating the complaints of the communities which can be addressed today as some of the problems are yet to be addressed.


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