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Case Studies of Business Organizations

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Case study
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Cardinal's guiding principles and values serve as a code of conduct that shapes the way employees do their work and relate to one another. Some of the Cardinal's beliefs and values include; safety, service, teamwork, and respect for one another. The policy of safety and service has enabled the employees at Cardinal IG to take care of themselves and others during work and thus minimizing chances of injuries. Also, the principle of teamwork and respect has enabled the employees to be in a position to work together efficiently.


Cardinal has empowered its employees by ensuring that it considers them to be leaders who are accountable for their behaviors and performance as team members. The organization has a well-defined structure of leadership where the team leaders are given a full mandate to oversee the employees' activities and to solve problems within their teams. Also, promotion of team leaders to a higher position such as division supervisors makes the employees more responsible and accountable for performing their duties to increase their chances of promotion.


Creativity and innovation were the key strengths that made Belle Meade be satisfied in the implementation of the nonprofit winery. Initially, Belle Meade relied on corporate and, individual donations, federal, state and, local funding and earnings from the endowment to finance the plantation. As these sources of income began to decline, the board of directors had to come up with an alternative that will generate revenue. The idea of production and sale of wine came up where the earnings were used to support the nonprofit.

Besides, the weakness that faced the implementation of the winery was the law of Tennessee that required the production of wine to be done on-site where the wine was sold which limited the amount earned by the winery.


Social entrepreneurship occurs when an entrepreneur founds a business with the aim of creating social values. Venturing into social entrepreneurship that dealt with the production and sale of wine was the alternative that was acquired by Belle Meade as a way of sustaining the organization. Therefore, other nonprofit organization can learn to be creative and innovative in choosing a social enterprise that will support their operations.


The main difference between a legitimate business and a pyramid scheme is the way they operate their business. The primary purpose of a legitimate business is to acquire a vast network of distributors so that it sells a significant amount of products while the entire goal of a pyramid scheme is to get distributors, use their money and use them to recruit more distributors hence no products are sold in the process. Another difference is that legitimate business is legal whereas a pyramid scheme is illegal.


Herbalife has demonstrated social responsibility through increasing accountability towards stakeholders and allowing the firm to meet transparency requirements that are set by the New York Stock Exchange. Also, the organization has demonstrated social responsibility by implementing Corporate Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that ensures that the employees engage in functional interaction with everyone who is associated with the company. Herbalife has programs that responsible for providing funds and also volunteering in assisting charities that are committed to helping children at risk and also improving the health of women.

In conclusion, the three case studies help in providing knowledge on how different organizations operate. Case study sixteen help in understating the role of employees and how to implement leadership skills in business organizations. Case study seventeen provides knowledge on how to be creative and innovative to succeed in business ventures. Finally, case study nineteen analyses the differences between a legitimate business and a pyramid scheme and how Herbalife has demonstrated social responsibility.


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