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HRM Coursework Sample: Challenges of Oversee Assignments

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The Economic System: Due to the fact that different countries have different economic systems, these calls for the difference in the inter-country human resource practices. In the market economies like the United States, there is a minimum government intervention on what the producer brings in the market and the prices at which the buyers purchase them. However, in the planned economies like North Korea, all the market decisions rest in the hands of the government. Therefore, when the human resource from the US wants to operate in North Korea, then they are supposed to adhere to all the decisions made by the government in North Korea. Besides, due to the difference in the economic systems, the human resource management department has to develop divergent policies. For example, it is not easy to dismiss a worker in Europe or China as compared to the United States. Besides, there is a high variance in the hourly wage. For instance, the hourly wage for the employees indulging in the production process in the Philippines is $ 2.01, $ 35.53 in the USA and Taiwan it is $ 9.34.In Norway, it is $ 64.15 while in Germany it is $ 47.38.

In the global business, the oversee assignments normally fail due to various unfavorable conditions which the assigned workers face in the market. First and foremost it comes due to the language barrier. In the situation where an employee has been sending to a country where the local language is mainly used as opposed to English, they will tend to face a language barrier which shall not allow them to function effectively. These tend to prevent the HR team not to deliver their obligations effectively hence a failure. On the other hand, some of the Human Resource Management team cannot survive in the certain labor market due to the environmental conditions. For instance, some regions might be too cold or hot hence causing a lot of diseases to the team of employees. These can hinder the operation of an employee in an oversee nations. Besides, some employees lack the necessary skills which are needed to handle specific jobs which are offered in the international labor market hence end up failing to adhere to the ethical practices needed in these labor markets. Therefore, to respond to these eventualities, a proper research and environmental evaluation should be done before the actual activity of sending an employee to head these subsidiaries. Besides, I will ensure that a proper interview is done to the employees to ensure that they are fit and have a capability to handle the tasks which are needed in the market and to provide proper training to the employees, update them about the ethical issues which are needed in the international labor market. These will ensure that the employees' missions, visions, and goals are met promptly and with a lot of precision.

In the case where the employees work in the host countries, they are referred to expatriates. Many times, they tend to face the repatriation problems in these host countries. To reduce these problems; the reduction of the expatriate costs is prudent. The companies should up the number of the short-term assignments which they make. It is the process in which the short-term expats are replaced by the long-term expats who the company must finance in these host countries. They should ensure that they provide the necessary education and provide prompt and sufficient payments to the employees hence enable them to meet their traveling expenses to and from these host countries. The proper training should also be given to them to ensure that the employees adhere to the laws of the host countries. In the situation where these are adhered to, then the repatriation will be simple and efficient to all the expats.



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