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Chocolate Store Plan - Business Plan Example

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When starting a trading venture, the development of a business plan is of paramount importance. This is because it outlines the organizational structure of the business, including the stakeholders of the business and their individual duties (Finch, 2013; Fullen & Podmoroff, 2006). An ideal business plan is also a management tool, which can be referred to regularly, so as to meet the organizational goals, objectives, sales targets as well as operational milestones (Cruz-Cunha & Manuela, 2012; Phillips, 2002; (Berry, 2008). This research is an outline of a business plan that can be used as a guideline tool when establishing a chocolate store business venture.

Corporate Profile


The decision to invest in this form of business is based on the reason that there are a few other rival entities that manufacture and retail chocolate store in the region. Moreover, the few competitors in the market rely on attaining their stock from suppliers, who source it from Chocolate manufactures. Nevertheless, Best Candy-Chocolate Store will take the roles of manufacturing as well as retailing the chocolates in the market. Furthermore, due to its manufacturing capabilities, the chocolates sold by Best Candy-Chocolate Store will be priced slightly below the current market price of products sold by competitors products. This is the primary market entry strategy that Best Candy-Chocolate Store plans to use in order to penetrate the targeted market a significant number of potential customers.

Basic Business Information

The establishment will be referred as the Best Candy-Chocolate Store. Additionally, the new startup will be established on December 25, 2017, and it will officially start operating on January 1, 2018. Furthermore, the startup will be situated at 845 7th Avenue, Riverside, Canada. Furthermore, the telephone contact information for the establishment will be (877) 000-0000. On the other hand, the official website for the corporation will be accessed using the link; Also, the organizations website will contain an online chat platform, where customers will be able to talk to the customer care representatives over the Internet.

Corporate Members Information

Best Candy-Chocolate Store will be a partnership form of business. This is because it will be managed and directed by three partners, who will have the roles of one Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as two Managing Directors (MD). Additionally, the three partners will share equally in the decision-making process. They will also share the profits or losses generated by the startup equally. Ultimately, the three partners will participate equally in the process of recruitment and retrenchment of staff in the organization.

Mission and Values

The mission statement: To build high quality and healthy products with perfect taste, to inspire taste, fashion, and loyalty to our customers.

Values: Best Candy-Chocolate Store will produce high-quality products that are both tasty and nourishing to the consumers. Also, Best Candy-Chocolate Store will strive to promote respect and integrity when interacting with both the customers and personnel at the establishment. Furthermore, Best Candy-Chocolate Store will strive to promote customer satisfaction through the use of a highly effective team of personnel so as to generate customers loyalty.

Specific Organizational Policies and Guidelines

The business policies and guidelines that will be used by the Best Candy-Chocolate Store will address general guidelines for employee behavior, the expectation for managers, dress code, alcohol, and drug use. Below is the list of the specific policies and guidelines that will be used at the Best Candy-Chocolate Store establishment.

General Guidelines for Employees Behavior

Employees Conduct

All personnel will portray respect to each other while at the workplace

All employees will use courteous language when speaking to each other or when addressing the customers.

All employees will not be expected to make social calls during working hours, with the exemption of family emergencies.

Equal Opportunity

All staff members will be offered equal opportunities for seeking a promotion at the workplace.

Promotion of any personnel will be based on merits and performance excellence.

Attendance and Time-Off

All staff members will be expected to arrive at work by 7:30 a.m. and leave work at 4:30 p.m.

Any failure to attend work without a three days prior notice will result in a two weeks suspension without pay followed by a permanent termination if missed three consecutive days.

Expectations of Managers

All managers will be expected to attend all the organizational meetings schedule every financial period.

All managers will be expected to oversee the personnels performance and also offer guidance to execute important tasks at the establishment.

Dress Code

All personnel will be expected to wear the workplace uniform when attending the workplace.

All personnel with long hair will be expected to wear protective caps to ensure that the hair does not mix with the raw materials during the chocolate manufacturing process.

Substance Abuse at the Workplace

It is strictly forbidden to use any addictive substance such as tobacco, cigarette, alcohol and other hard drugs at the workplace.

Any person that will be caught using drugs at the workplace will be fired immediately.


All personnel that will be functioning in the manufacturing and processing departments in the organization will be expected to wear protective gear.

Treatment of the Employees at the Workplace

First, all the employees at the workplace will be treated with respect by the members of the management team. Additionally, favoritism shall not be shown to some employees over others. Moreover, the promotion of employees shall be based solely on how qualified an employee is to execute a particular task successfully. Also, all the staff members will be offered a staff handbook or a rulebook to guide them in treating others in the organization. Lastly, the employees will be rewarded based on their accomplishments.

Guidelines of How Employees Report an Ethical Concern

If there is a problem that an employee feels that it should be addressed, he/she will first book an appointment with the members of the management department. Additionally, during the meeting, the management task force will assess the ethical issue reported and later determine its impact on the performance of the rest of the organizational members. Ultimately, the solution to the problem will then be addressed during the monthly organizational meeting, that will be attended by both the staff and personnel.

Solving of Conflict Among the Employees

In the event there is a conflict between any employees in the organization, the problem will be resolved at the human resource management department. In this case, the parties under conflict will report their problem to the organizational managers and a time to discuss and find a solution for the conflict will be set. Ultimately, an amicable solution to the conflict will be reached through the collective discussions and agreements between the staff members and the employees involved in the dispute.

Harassment Policy

The harassment acts that will not be tolerated in the organization will include the use of threats, jokes, abuse as well as derogatory systems. Others include any taunting based on an employees gender, race, gender expression, religious beliefs, age as well as physical or mental disability.

Diversity Statement

All stakeholders at Best Candy-Chocolate Store Will be treated equally and respectively, irrespective of the diversities of their cultural as well as religious backgrounds. Also, Best Candy-Chocolate Store acknowledges the positive impact of diverse cultures inclusion in the promotion of work performance at the organization.

Treatment of Vendors

The Best Candy-Chocolate Store recognizes the importance of vendors in the products supply chain. As such, the Best Candy-Chocolate Store establishment will pay all its vendors on time, and also maintain a good relationship with them for a continued good working relationship.

Treatment of Customers

Best Candy-Chocolate Store recognizes the value of all its customers. As such, it will create high-quality products and use efficient customer care services to promote the level of customers satisfaction. Furthermore, Best Candy-Chocolate Store recognizes the importance of having positive customers experience in the development of customers loyalty. As such, Best Candy-Chocolate Store will seek to ensure that all customers are satisfied with their purchase process at the organizations stores.

Treatment of Competitors

At Best Candy-Chocolate Store, respect will be shown to all competitors of the organization. This is in order to acknowledge the threat of the substitute products in the market and as a result, construct effective strategies for remaining relevant in the market. Additionally, by realizing the impact of the competitors products in the market, the Best Candy-Chocolate Store will devise effective marketing strategies, capable of securing a significant number of customers in the targeted market.

Impact of the Business Organization to The Local Community

Best Candy-Chocolate Store will promote the economic and social welfare of the local community through its participation in corporate social responsibility. In this case, the startup will be involved in the cleaning of the environment and construction of social amenities such as hospitals and learning institutions. Lastly, the establishment will improve the living standards of some of the local community members through hiring them to work as employees in the organization.


In conclusion, having a good business plan is of paramount importance for the success a new business venture. Additionally, a good business plan outlines the functions of all stakeholders as well as the organizational structure of an organization. Ultimately, a good business plan enables an organization to meet its goals, objectives, sales targets as well as operational milestones.



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