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Business Plan Example - Levi Pet Photography

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Levi Pet Photography is situated inside the city limits of Atlanta Georgia. The company is established as a home operated, part-time sole proprietorship and it aims to expand its customer base so that it becomes a full-time business. The company has client reception office at the lower floor of the building; there is also a portrait viewing room, the management office, and 500 square-foot studio.

Supply & Inventory Management

The supply of our product and services depends on which product and service the client require. The formal studio portrait will be carried out in a studio, a controlled environment which is free from distraction. The clients will have to visit the studio with their pets. The client will be given a some photos within three days and the client will have to look at it. The customer will then be given 11 days to look at the images and the portrait packages before deciding on whether to purchase our product.

Some clients will want to take a photo with their pet in a certain designated location. As such, location portrait session will take of such clients. Our staffs will ensure that studio equipment is transport, staged before the session. The fee for photo portrait session is more expensive since our staffs will have to travel to a various location that the client has proposed. In this portrait session, the client will be provided with 24 photographic quality images to have a look during the sessions to allow him or her to make the final decision.

Production & Distribution

The client can either decide to choose portrait sitting carried out within the studio, in an outdoor setting that the client chooses or the clients home. The company offers different products and services with the aim of meeting the customer needs. Our team provided precise information on every product to the potential customer. Such information is prepared in such a way that it assists the customer to choose a location for the portrait session. The pictures that Levi Photography provides gives the customer a feel for the variety of poses which can be utilized and assist them in deciding on whether they wish to include other members of the family in the portrait. The discussion of various settings assists the client to choose either studio sessions, home sessions or outdoor location for the portrait. Our dedicated staff members give out instruction regarding every setting. For instance, for the outdoor sessions, we make sure that the client is well-instructed to help the owner to ready their pet for the outdoor session and feel at home in unfamiliar surroundings and to carry an item such as a toy that can make the session more interesting. Our staffs will be flexible enough to move in every place that the client proposes. Before location photography session, our team will visit the proposed place to choose an area which is best suitable for the session and is most acceptable by the owner. The session will be contacted carefully to make sure the pet is not scared.

Organizational Structure & Key Members

The owner of the business serve as the overall manager and will have a personal assistant. The founder of the business has has a long history of a successful photographer. In the first few years, the management will be simple. The photographer will be in charge of various activities apart from carrying out the artistic functions. The photographer will participate in marketing, payroll, and management of companies finance. As the company expands, more individuals will be hired to carry out accounts activities to enable photography to concentrate on his work. During the first two years of operation, the company will have two individuals that will work on part-time basis as a photographer and office assistant. As the company grows, this positions will be upgraded so that individuals can work on a full-time basis since the company will have started gaining some profit. Since the business is still small, there is no need of elaborating personal structure. The receptionist/photographer assistant position will primarily be required on part-time basis.

Results of SWOT analysis

The company seem to have exploited a huge market geographical presence, and this has improved its competitive advantage. Having a huge presence in various markets with different product portfolio enables the company to attract more customers to its product. Lack of innovation is a major weakness since the company will find it hard to operate in the future market. The customer needs are ever-changing, and innovation is essential for any given company to remain competitive. The company should utilize on opportunities as this will result in the increased customer base. And comparing to other companies, it appears that every company offering pet products is capitalizing on this opportunity while coming up with various product and services.



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