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Business Case Study Example: Proposal for Green Property Development Plc.

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Case study
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On behalf of Mukhlesen Bank Limited, and as the manager of City Center Branch, I am at this moment presenting a proposal to you Mr. Anas Luqman, as the Financial Controller of Green Property Development Plc. This proposal is to create a platform whereby we establish business relationship in which we will provide for all the banking services that your company will need. This relationship is meant to have a dramatic impact on the development of your company by ensuring that all your banking needs are covered.

Executive Summary

The aim of the proposal is to create a business relationship between Mukhlesen Bank Limited and Green Property Development Plc. There is a business opportunity available at GPDP with their projects on developing residential houses for small to medium, as well as high-income earners. The company also intends to construct buildings for commercial purposes for the small medium enterprises. Additionally, GPDP has had a plan to provide an incentive to their employees through providing home and car loans that have subsidized rates. This provision is for the eligible staff members only. Mukhlesen Bank extends the hand of invitation to GPDP to a business relationship that will ensure that MBL provides all the required banking services to GPDP and its employees. These services are in terms of loans of all kinds that GPDP may qualify, providing deposit and saving services through our Islam Deposit Accounts and our Investment Account Platform. The operations of the bank are guided by the Islamic religion coupled with the principles guiding the banking sector.

The proposal seeks to address needs that have been identified in the construction firm. These needs include providing a stable financial plan for the construction project that has been launched by GPDP, assisting in the achievement of their target to improve staff incentive as an undertaking of the human resource department, assist in achieving the goal of completing the project within the stipulated time, introduce an investment scheme for the company which will assist in its expansion. These needs will be addressed by introducing our banks packages such as the Islamic deposit accounts and the Investment Account Platform both for the construction company as a whole and for the employees as individuals but affiliated to the company. These arrangements are meant to establish a lasting and successful business relationship between the two organizations.

Mukhlesen Bank Limited intends to solve the banking needs of Green Property Development Plc. Through various ways. One is through the Islamic deposit accounts which are open to both the company and its staff members. Second is through the Investment Account Platform which opens up investment opportunities to GPDP to partner with other established companies under MBL and establishes additional investment projects. The partnership is formed by ones choice, and the investment project is also out of the partners preference. Third, MBL intends to assist GPDP with their staff incentive scheme through providing asset financing. This package will provide the financial solutions needed by GPDP to avail car and house loans for eligible members of their organization with subsidized interest rates. The bank will recover the loans from the salaries of the employees which will be paid through MBL through a partnership with the human resource department from GPDP. The proposal offers potential solutions and would be highly advisable to consider it.


Mukhlesen Bank Limited is a company established through a partnership arrangement among several founders. The bank is founded on Islamic values to provide special and competitive services to majorly the Islamic community, although it is open for other customers from other religions but on a smaller scale. The bank is established in the country with over ten branches across the country. Mukhlesen Bank offers a wide range of banking services for individuals and established companies such as GPDP. The banking services available for businesses of your caliber include business loans, checking accounts, bill or invoicing discounting, asset financing, working capital facility, trade finance, local purchase order financing. Our Islamic deposit accounts offer competitive packages that would be very attractive to your company as well as your staff members. I am certain that all your financial needs that require the services of a bank are covered in the different packages that I have outlined above. Additionally, our bank offers a platform for placing requests which could be considered along with the established services.

Mukhlesen Bank has made several achievements in the recent past that have placed it at the top of the banking sector. First, the bank received an award for the best Islamic bank of the year. Secondly, the bank has had a 40% increase in customers in the last three months. This is a remarkable increase considering that most of the services target Muslims. Third, the number of deposits and saving accounts have risen remarkably in the last three months adding to the float for the bank available to avail loans to the customers who need them. The ethical standards and values governing the dealings of Mukhlesen Bank are strongly founded on the Islamic principles, in addition to policies guiding the banking sector. These values have gone a long way in ensuring an efficient running of the bank operations which has enabled the expansion of services across the country.

As earlier mentioned, the purpose of this proposal is to establish a business relationship between Mukhlesen Bank and Green Property Development Plc. This relationship is geared towards supporting the operations of your company by offering our incredible banking services, which will keep your construction operations running. We extend the relationship to your members of staff so that we can grow together. As the Financial Controller of DPDP, you are in the right position to assess the proposal and liaise with the management who I believe will agree to the proposal and after that, we can seal the deal.

Needs Addressed

A little research on your company has led me to establish some of the needs in your company that Mukhlesen Bank seeks to address to ensure that you overcome your challenges. Your company has recently launched an operation to develop various types of residential buildings for low and medium income earners as well as for the high-income earners. Additionally, GPDP is seeking to develop commercial buildings for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). MBL understands that this is a relatively large project that requires stable financial support from a competent bank. It is from that perspective that MBL wishes to extend its services to you to partner in growing our society.

Our banking services will be of relevance both to the company as an entity as well as to the employees as individuals. Banking services are inevitable in projects such as the one GPDP is undertaking and specifically a bank offering competent services such as those offered by Mukhlesen Bank. Ideally, the project will be undertaken in phases. Funds are the pillar of every investment project, and more so a construction project. The retained earnings of the company cannot sustain this large undertaken as well as maintaining the employees. It is inevitable to take up financing from external sources, and Mukhlesen Bank offers the best solution. Additionally, there is the aspect of managing employees financial needs. It is my understanding that GPDP intends to improve its incentive scheme for its employees by providing home and car loan facilities at a subsidized interest rate. MBL will come in handy to partner in this arrangement. Loans can be availed for members of staff with the guarantee of the relationship established between the two organizations. Additionally, GPDP can also partner with us in such a way that employees salaries pass through our accounts. This is with the possibility of the suggestion with the best way being left for the company to choose.

Banking with us will ensure that the position of Green Partners Development Plc. Shifts from where it is to a better state. Mukhlesen Bank will make the achievement of GPDPs goal possible through the relationship that will be built. This way, GPDP will finish the project as per their projected timeline or earlier, paving the way for an increase in their returns as compared to past achievements. This relationship builds business for both of the parties and may be a starting point to a long and fruitful business relationship between these two companies for not only in City Center Branch but also in other branches across the country. Together we can grow the business of the surrounding community and as such raise the economy of our town. This will be a means by which we can attract business for ourselves now and in future.

Objectives of the Proposal

This proposal seeks to address financial needs present in your company by offering solutions to your banking challenges. First, we have a special package that will be very instrumental in your company. This is the Deposit Accounts that are open for an offer to the company as well as its staff members. The Islamic deposit account is more competitive as compared to similar accounts offered in other banks. The deposit accounts help in acting as a fall back for the company when cash is not readily available. For smooth running of the construction project within the time stipulated by your company, there is the need for a constant supply of funds. To avoid instances that the company is overwhelmed by excessive demand for cash and in circumstances that the cash is not readily available, the money in the deposit accounts will go a long way in resolving the crisis.

Secondly, the Islamic deposit accounts have special offers attached to them. The company is given credit depending on the activities surrounding the deposit account such as deposits and withdrawals. By analyzing the operations of the account from the customers side, the bank can determine the credit limit for the owner of the account. In this note, therefore, acceptance of this proposal will be prudent in that it will not only provide opportunities for the company but also to the employees. The staff members can take up loans to meet their needs such as school fees based on their eligibility check from the deposit account operations. Additionally, the Islamic deposit accounts in our bank provide for a minimum amount of deposit which is relatively low compared to other banks, both for individuals and institutions. This allows for the sustenance of the account to prevent dormancy and to encourage continuous deposit which benefits all the stakeholders.

The deposit accounts will also be useful in assisting the human resource department in the payment of salaries to the staff. GPDP can open up a deposit account where all the money intended for salaries are deposited, and since the company uses the bank as their partner in the process of payment, the human resource department from GPDP and the bank staff deployed in that area can work together to make the process efficient. The account will be adding credit to the company beside the normal deposit account that the company will have opened for general deposits.

Mukhlesen Bank Limited also has another package known as Investment Account Platform (IAP). This is a project that involves various institutions, startups and established companies. The platform opens up these businesses to investment opportunities either jointly or singly under the Mukhlesen Bank. Under IAP, Green Property Development Plc. Can partner with another company of their choice and invest together on an investment of their preference. Since the inception...

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