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Explanation and Discussion of the Company's New Direction - Management Essay Example

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The financial stability of the institution and employee competence is beyond doubt. The challenge that the firm is facing is the inability to respond to market changes that interfere with its expected revenue making it incapable of competing favorably. Some of the institutional goals are also unrealistic making their achievement impossible within the provided time frame. There is a need to adjust the goals to make them realistic, measurable and achievable within the expected time fame. To achieve this, changes are to be implemented both in the management and organizational objectives. Currently, the organization is in the direction of making organizational changes after attaining managerial support. Since change is a process, the new direction taken is the case for change. It is the second step in the implementation plan, and at this point, assessment of customer satisfaction is in progress, employee satisfaction is also surveyed. The business has organized customer comment cards, and the managers are drafting organizational goals to ensure its success.

Strategic planning and budgeting are also continuing to ensure that once the preparations are complete, legal requirements and other internal and external elements of the organization will be considered. The major input that the organization is eyeing is the incorporation of culture-based products in the firm to improve sales volume and acquire stronger support from the community.

How Human Resource can be a Strategic Partner in Management and Strategical Organizational Goals

Human resource is the major determinant of the business success or failure. The management and departments within the organization are attached to the human resource. The human resource harnesses the human potential and champions the performance hence a strategic partner. Human resource has a sole objective of profit maximization. It sharpens the employee skills, increasing personnel competitiveness to ensure that the expected revenue is achieved. It does this by ensuring that the interest of the consumers expectations, tastes and preferences are adhered to. Furthermore, human resource management has a potential of fund justification for purposes of employee development, training and competent salaries hence attracting competent employees, grooming talents and increasing the production capabilities. It, therefore, implies that all the strategic organizational goals have to directly or indirectly depend on the human resource for their attainment. For all the highlighted reasons, human resource qualifies to be a strategic partner with a duty that can never be overlooked.

Corporate Culture Considerations

Corporate culture is critical as it speaks the organizational values and identity. It is the corporate culture that has the potential of attracting better talents and retaining them. Notably, it also strengthens the image or brand of an organization sharpening its competitive advantage. Corporate culture, therefore, is a pillar that boldly dictates the organizational way of life and therefore should be part of the sharpened strategic plan.

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission statement: Our customer our strength

Vision statement: Generate quality products to satisfy the community, inspire the country and bridge the production deficit.

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