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Article Example: Expo 2020 in Dubai

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Expo 2020 is a Universal Registered Exposition of a huge scale, where visitors from various countries all over the world come together and invest in one country, thus bringing up the level of employment and help the country to progress. Dubai is one of the cities in the United Arab Emirates that won the bid for holding the Expo 2020 (Ahamed & Cooper, 2014). The country will also be celebrating its 50th anniversary of unity along with the expo. The expo will last from 20th October 2020 to 10th April 2021. The expo is expected to attract over 20 million individuals and businesses all over the world (Singh, 2015). The theme for the World Expo 2020 is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. UAE has known to be participating in World Expos, including its presence in Yeosu, South Korea in 2012. The cultural diversity in Dubai positioned it as the top pick to host the expo, and according to surveys, the city is a service provider to over 650 businesses and has over 15000 companies globally (Ahamed & Cooper, 2014).

Dubai was selected because of its high reputation of holding international meetings, conferences, and exhibitions of various industries, and it has a track record of hosting some of the most successful world-class events. The country hosts over 300 events annually, and it attracts more than 1.5 million visitors including over 100 mega conferences and exhibitions (Singh, 2015). Dubai has a state of the art connectivity and infrastructure, and it continues to witness growth in the events sector. The city is also cosmopolitan with inhabitants of over 200 nationalities, and it is a melting point of various cultures and a meeting point of people across the globe. It has over 2 million residents, and a majority of these individuals are between 20-39 years (Ahamed & Cooper, 2014). The country focuses on comprehensiveness and openness, and its diversity is one of its great strengths, attracting the best minds from all over the world, drawn to the meritocratic environment, with great personal and professional opportunity that supports economic growth and diversification.

The theme for the expo is connecting minds, creating the future and Dubai believes that the world is connected in various ways hence a new vision of advancing connectivity should be developed for a common purpose (Singh, 2015). The ambitions that are coming up in the society today show how people are united together in World Expos. The society today requires a transformed vision for community growth and advancement and remarkable success can be achieved through advances in the society (Singh, 2015). Expo live a new idea and plan for Dubai Expo 2020, and it is of great global interest because it will bring out innovation and also create sustainable development in the future. It outlines the challenges that inspire collaboration among countries, to deliver tangible results, and it aims to be a platform for offering solutions to the challenges that ate faced today (Ahamed & Cooper, 2014).

The expo is also prone to challenges such as mobility, sustainability, and opportunity, which are also some of the featured subthemes of the expo. Regarding mobility effective transportation and logistics systems move people, goods, and services possible around the world, and with growth in markets, there is the need for innovations that will produce more practicable solutions to the challenges faced (Singh, 2015). Sustainability is crucial when it comes to resource conservation and use; hence there is the need for collaboration between countries to achieve sustainable natural resource management such as climate change mitigation, and transitioning to renewable energy (Ahamed & Cooper, 2014). Opportunities come with challenges such as selecting the best individuals to run the event and management of resources for the narrow time frame that it has in hand.

The expo will allow the world to access quality services in Dubai and pioneer new partnerships towards growth and sustainability. It will be an opportunity to meet with people from different cultures, and the best minds, that will provide sustainable solutions to worlds concerns for the better future of all humankind.



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