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Essay on Fast Food Restaurants

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There has been an increase in the growth of fast food restaurants with branches popping up everywhere around the country. The mushrooming of these restaurants have been viewed by some as a sign of the growing American middle class and an increase in the citizens purchasing power. However, there are other groups who view these fast food restaurants as being part of the problem in the obesity debate in America. The debate about the relationship between obesity and fast food restaurants has been going around for many years. However, I do not believe fast food restaurants should be held responsible for the rise in obesity because customers have a free will of what to eat, where to eat and how to take care of their bodies.

To begin with, fast food companies are required by the U.S food and drug administration to display the calories contained in their food and therefore they should not be blamed for the decisions taken by their customers if it affects their health. The size of the plate and the calories intake is entirely up to the customer. The restaurant duty is to display what it is selling and the customer is left with the decision of choosing what is good for their body. It is not possible therefore for a customer to claim they did not know what they were eating may lead to obesity. The customers should, therefore, ensure they make a decision that will not affect their health. They should also exercise regularly especially those people who take high-calorie food since they know what the consequences of eating such foods without exercise. People should, therefore, blame themselves if they get obesity and nobody else.

Additionally, People should not blame fast food companies for the rise of obesity in the country especially in the age where information is easily accessible. The advent of the internet has made it easy for people to access almost any information that one might in interested in researching. It is therefore easy for an individual to research on ways in which they can stay in shape and avoid problems such as obesity. Practices such as going to the gym, jogging or engaging in a certain sport can help one burn unnecessary fats and stay in shape. However, people still choose to eat high-calorie foods and stay inactive and then turn around and blame fast food companies for their health problems. People should, therefore, take care of their bodies and stop blaming the fast food restaurants on these issues.

Finally, customers have a free will to choose what to eat and where to eat from. Nobody forces a person to eat at a fast food restaurant or eat a product that contains high calorie. The fast-food restaurants should therefore not be held responsible for the decisions taken by its clients regarding their health. In a capitalistic economy like that of the United States, the policy of willing buyer willing seller reigns supreme. Individuals are therefore left with the decision of choosing whether to eat healthily or not. Individuals should weigh the benefits of having a quick unhealthy snack or eating at a place where the food is healthy.

In conclusion, people should not blame fast food companies for the prevalence of obesity in the country. There is freedom in the country and consumers have a variety of eateries that they can choose to have their food. The fast food restaurants have also been mandated to give information of what is contained in each product they are selling. Customers should, therefore, take responsibility for their health and eat healthy food and also exercise their bodies to ensure they stay healthy.

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