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Phi Theta Kapa (PTK) Scholarships Program - Paper Example

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Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship program financially supports high achievers in community colleges to enable them to continue their education to desired levels. The PTK scholarship program opens to U.S. citizens, international students, and permanent residents meeting eligibility criteria listed. The award amounts change each academic year. It is beneficial to become a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society because each student is guaranteed access to benefits that recognize academic accomplishments that are outstanding. The scholarship program provides the competitive edge that ensures there is future success. The benefits offered at Harry S. Truman College for those qualifying for the scholarship program include a Golden Key Membership pin, a Membership Certificate and ID card, recognition when there is an induction ceremony, and a membership notation on the college transcript.

Qualifications for PTK scholarship

Students qualifying for the PTK scholarship must have completed a PTK scholarship application form and have been a PTK member with strong and good standing. The student should have acquired a full admission to an undergraduate degree program from a credited university. During admission, the student requires having a transfer of at least 3.50 GPA and minimal 45-quarter hours of accepted transfer credit at the college level. The student must enroll to become full-time students for 12-quarter hours per each academic term. The scholarship award is renewable if the students maintain more than 3.50GPA in more than 180-quarter hours of institutional coursework and combined transfer. There is a $2,000 to a maximum of $8,000 award for full-time students attaining more than 3.75 GPA in one year.

All students enrolled for the program are eligible to use one resource in the institution on one academic year and must comply with all policies in the university as noted in the school catalog to stay eligible towards receiving NLU scholarships.

Service and activities

The qualified students must list briefly all extracurricular activities and other services one has participated in for the past three years. The phone number and name of the organization must appear in the application form.

Honors and awards

The applicants must add one more page for honors and awards acquired within the last three years while in the community college.


The applicant must submit at least a two-page essay with PTK scholarship including information to share with the selection committee and addressing the importance of completing the chosen program at degree level and the impact of the scholarship while attending certain colleges.

Letter of Recommendation

Those students qualifying for the scholarship must submit one recommendation letterform one member of the faculty such as PTK or an academic advisor from the college. The letters should be less than one year old. They are mailed or directly delivered to the college offering scholarship in sealed envelopes.

Documentation of PTK Membership

Submission of a PTK seal on a transcript from the community college verifies a PTK membership, together with a copy of PTK membership Certificate with member number and PTK advisor certificate. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship program at Harry S. Truman College, recognizes efforts of best students and awards students who have studied for two years in the college.


To encourage and recognize scholarship among college students in their second year

To offer opportunities towards the development of service, leadership, exchange of ideas and ideals.

To offer the best climate that allows students to stimulate their interests, conduct lively fellowship with their scholars, and steer them to continue their academic excellence.


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