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Accidents in the Workshops - Paper Example

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The management of health and safety in companies and business premises should not be complicated, time-consuming and costly. Reasonable steps have to be taken by the supervisors and the business owners to prevent accidents illness or injury. The business only needs to have a series of basic practical tasks aimed at protecting the success of the business. All the health and safety legislation apply to all businesses hence every employer, and business owner has a responsibility of ensuring for health and safety in their organizations. The health and safety laws are meant to protect the business owners, employees and the general public from dangers at the workplace.

The company has experienced some accidents in the past which have wasted time for the company and also resources. The figures 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 indicate the rates and type of accidents in the past three years and the coast effect they have brought to the company. The main areas with concerns of safety measures are the vehicle inspection pits and working areas that are at heights. More emphasis also needs to be taken to the tasks that involve repair and maintenance to try and minimize the accidents


The company needs to insist on the use of permits of work for the various tasks performed in the bus depot. The operations that will need a permit to work system are repair and maintenance task. This is because repair and maintenance involve such activities such as welding, grinding and flame cutting which generates a lot of heat. During maintenance and repairs, there is also a probability of production of sparks. Most equipment used for repairs also do use high voltage in their operations. Washing and steam cleaning will also need a permit to work system since it involves the production of heat and may also involve the use of high voltage equipment.

Some guidelines also need to be put in place to minimize the occurrence of accidents. The following are some of the guidelines to be followed in the bus depot include:

No entry of unauthorized individuals in areas with vehicle inspection pits.

Always put on the light in the workshops.

Check the ladders and platforms before use.

Do not use unsecured ladders.

Do not use faulty access equipment.

Do not climb rack to fetch parts.

Apart from the use of the remedies mentioned above the company needs to provide PPEs for the employees to minimize the effects of the tasks in the working environment. It is important for each of the workshops that produce fumes and vapor to use the personal protective equipment. The respiratory protective equipment such as respirators should be used by all the individuals on site despite them being uncomfortable. Gloves and other skin protections use by all the personnel where the substances involved may be hazardous through the skin and ingestion or can affect the skin directly. The work clothes should not allow for the collection of dust. Laundering of clothing that is contaminated should not be done in the homes of the workers but should be done safely in controlled conditions. For protection from the noise, the personnel in the workshop will need to use earmuffs, earplugs or canal-caps for hearing protection. The workers may also need to protect the eyes using eye shields, safety goggles or face shields.

Health and Safety Trends

Number of 2015 summery 2016 summery 2017 summary

Fetal work accidents 0 0 0

Injuries that did not cause loss of time 5 9 11

Injuries that caused loss of time 14 19 24

Injuries that needed first aid only 28 12 8

Occupational illness incidences 1 0 1

Figure 1.1 data summary of number of accidents experienced in the past three years.

Figure 1.2bar graph showing data summary of number of accidents experienced in the past three years.

The type of injury 2015 2016 2014

Back injury 7 12 16

Arms/hands 5 6 5

Legs 4 5 4

Fig 1.3 Data summary of number of different types of injuries in the past three years

The use of the above recommendation has been so beneficial to a number of companies. The recommendations are aimed at minimizing the accidents at the workplace in the workshops and also saving the companies time and resources.

Fig 1.4bar graphshowing Data summary of number of different types of injuries in the past three years

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