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Case Study Example: Develop a Working Relationship with the Family

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Case study
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You have only the preceding information in hand. It has been compiled by someone else and handed to you as part of the case file. Based on that information, what do you believe might be going on with this family (your conceptualization)

From my conceptualization, this family has been going through some trying times, and the parents/guardians have not been the best when it comes to solving their problems. I believe that fruit does not fall far from the tree and the children born and raised in this family are somewhat learning some of these vices from their parents.

Gaining trust will increase the likelihood of developing an effective and successful working relationship with the family. How will you gain their trust?

Trust is never won, it is something that is built through daily activities, events, and words said. Moreover, whereas it can take a long time to win the trust of someone, losing it can be a matter of seconds. For any successful relationship, trust is a very important thing. Gaining the trust of family members can be done through the simple things such as being there for each them, and spending time together. The more the time spent with family, the more they get to know and understand you.

What assumptions would you like to check out? What might you or should you do with this knowledge?

Some of the assumptions I would make based on this case include the fact that maybe Davie has not been receiving the basic needs. Whereas children especially boys are affiliated with mischief and corny behavior, no child would deliberately go without lunch for a number unless of course, it is not available. In this case, it is safe to assume that the Lathes are not in a position to fend for their childrens basic needs. Secondly, Raymond Lathe has a history of working in a hostile environment. Consequentially, Raymond has adopted the attitude that violence is the key to solving all problems and uses it to solve family problems which is a very bad move. Raymond is also a known alcoholic and uses marijuana and other drugs occasionally. People who turn to drugs for relaxation such as Raymond are often trying to escape the reality that they are not comfortable with (Delong, Barclay, Lindsay, Ferrara & Valentine, 2017).

Now that you have reflected and identified where you are starting, how will you begin to engage with the family (build rapport and develop a working relationship) and assess the family situation?

I would start with the children from the youngest to the elders, and finish off with the parents. This is because children hardly tell lies and their innocence is unquestionable. The family member to most likely tells the truth as it is Davie. Having experienced the kind of issues that the family goes through, Davie has an opinion towards the same, and it would be very effective in making the baseline of the family situation (Delong, Barclay, Lindsay, Ferrara & Valentine, 2017).

Consider and list the strengths and areas of concern regarding this family.

Areas of concern include Raymonds drinking problem, Maggies detachment from her family, Robertos sense of belonging and inclusion in the family, Rachaels lying and stealing habits, and Davies low self-esteem. Some of the strengths that the family can boast of include, Maggies determination to work and provide for the family, Robbys love for his mother and half-siblings.


How does this new information change the case or the way in which you will continue working with individual family members and the family as a whole?

The new information will make me concentrate on Rachael more in an attempt to understand why she acts the way she does. Secondly, I would try not to disclose this new information to the parents as it would resort to violence since they wouldnt want to admit that their children are a reflection of them. I would also approach the parents concerning sex education and how much they discuss with their children concerning the same.

What role does trauma play in your work with the Latte family?

Trauma plays the role of enhancing secrets through fear. The cloud of fear that reigns over this family are so great that it keeps the children from disclosing any information regardless of how sensitive and critical it is (Delong, Barclay, Lindsay, Ferrara & Valentine, 2017).

Although neglect is complex and families with this issue typically have other co-occurring problems that need to be addressed, child-on-child sexual abuse cases require thoughtful planning for intervention and service delivery for both the children and parents. How will you determine what will be an appropriate response?

I would address this issue in two different stages. The first stage would include the children only and the second would include the parents. That way, it will be easier to ascertain how each of them feels about sexual abuse and get suggestions on how they would love to proceed. I would then harmonize information from these two sides to come up with the most suitable solution.



Delong, T., Barclay, B., Lindsay, K., Ferrara, K., & Valentine, D. (2017). The Lathe Family, 1-7.


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