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Reflection on How I Was Parented. Essay Example.

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Harvey Mudd College
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Parenting is one of the most significant things with an influence on the behavior of a child. The parenting styles can impact on the social, emotional, mental, physical, growth and development of a child at his or her early stages. This effect occurs because kids occasionally learn from what they experience, hear or see during their upbringing. In this context, it is safe to state that the presence of parents determines the behaviors of their children. As such, the actions of parents on children can have a positive or a negative impact on them. Four parenting styles can determine the characters of kids during their childhood. They include authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting, permissive parenting and uninvolved parenting.

When I was growing up, I was parented using authoritative style. In this context, my parents were not usually controlling and demanding. They allowed me to explore more freely and make my decisions based on my understanding. Although my parents had some demands and rules that they put in place for my benefit, they gave reasons behind the requirements. In other words, my parents were demanding and responsive as they communicated what they expected of me. They also made sure that I work towards achieving my goals.

My parents also made reasonable demands with consideration of my ability to perform them. Although they were strict on the issue of achieving my dreams, they ensured that they are responsive to any problems that I faced in the process. In fact, they supported me in overcoming the challenges. Besides, I was brought up by involved and understanding parents. Their authoritative nature made them concerned about my progress and growth by evaluating my strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that I had. I was also brought up. Through this parenting style, I acquired good emotional control and regulation, developed excellent social skills, and adopted self-confidence about my abilities to learn new skills.

Being authoritative, my parents acted role models and exhibited similar behaviors they expected from me. Because of this action, I had the upper hand to internalize and emulate such behaviors. Consistent rules also allowed me to know my expectations. Additionally, my parents allowed me to act independently. This taught me that I could accomplish various things on my own. Therefore, it helped me foster strong self-esteem and self-confidence. Considering the way I was brought up, I have come to learn that the difference balance between the high level of demandingness and responsiveness is the distinctive virtue of authoritative parenting. Parents adopting this style of parenting are always warm and involved recognizes the rights and opportunities of the children and are consistent while making firm limits to their kids. Personally, on this kind of parenting, I cannot change anything because it is currently one of the best styles that can be used to bring up a child. Adopting it makes a child matures with self-respect and dignity. In other words, authoritative parenting has a robust positive effect on both the children and the parents. In essence, this parenting style allows for the parents and the children to communicate freely in a healthy manner. By doing so, the child can express his or her feelings to the parents, and the parent will give him the expected attention. At some point, authoritative parenting provides the child with the opportunity to be involved in the family decision-making. This provides the kid with a sense of involvement and power at the family level. In conclusion, as the victim of authoritarian parenting, I can affirm that it is the best style of parenting that all parents should follow.

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