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9/11 Was a False Flag Operation - Research Paper Sample

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Research paper
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There are various hypotheses on who was behind what occurred on September 11, 2001, making the day of the saddest day in American history. The attack is said to be caused by a terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, but it was a flag operation by the government of United States. However, there is substantial and circumstantial evidence showing that the responsibility of the 9/11 attack was not conducted by members of the government and military. The government attacked the citizens show that their country was being attacked by the al-Qaeda so that they could go to war with Afghanistan to fight against the Al-Qaeda. The paper will explain the argument that proves that the terrible attack was performed by the government and those against this argument.

Most people believe that 9/11 was an attack by the government and evidence has proved that it was not a terrorist attack as the government explained to the citizens. According to the information released by the government, World Trade Center Seven (WTC7) was not hit by the plane but caught fire after the collapse of the two towers (Dion 8). It is not possible for a building that is strong as the World Tower center 7 to collapse in 6.5 seconds at free fall accelerations due to fire and structural damage. The building was high-raised and steel-framed, and there is no way fire can cause the total collapse of a steel-framed building. Engineers who investigated the collapse said that the collapse of the building was not caused by fire because fire consumes a building for more than 24 hours without failing. Moreover, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center smoldered for 60 minutes every day and crumpled in less than 6.5 seconds showing that it was brought down by an explosive and not fire (Mahadevan 33).

FBI confiscated the videos taken from Pentagon minutes after the plan clash indicating that the government was hiding them from the public. It was a planned demolition because the administration did not permit these tapes to be discharged and when the FBI was asked about the matter they refused to answer all enquires made. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) evaluation about the attack was biased, and they concentrated on the only evidence which proved that the eight floors of WTC7 collapsed due to thermal expansion pushing an adjoining girder off its place. The investigators started with a predetermined conclusion and Steven Johns one of the report authors admitted that the evaluation ignored the evidence which proved that the building collapsed in a free fall and their report was investigated by Shyam Sunder and it proved the building collapsed in a free fall which was not possible due to its structural resistance (Baker 380).

It is hard for one to deny that the terrible attack was not a controlled demolition because of the presence of thermite found in dust. Nano-thermite works as an igniter to generate high temperatures because it releases energy quicker. Jones brought to attention the presence of Nano-thermite to the NIST, but they declined to test the dust (Fleck, Trevor, et al. 12). The government was controlling the investigations and stopped the investigators from investigating evidence that could show that the building collapse was planned. According to A truly independent investigation carried out by architects and engineers, there was explosive evidence, and they concluded that the government had a hand in the controlled demotion by exploding the building. Richard Gage, the founder of the movement, said that the building collapsed before it caught fire.

Official reports stated that Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon at the opening. The airplane is 155 feet long and 125 feet wide, and the opening of the Pentagon is 60 feet wide therefore it was impossible for a 125 feet wide plane make a 60 feet wide opening. The reports indicate that the plane hit five light shafts before it lost control and hit the Pentagon. However, no harm was evidence on pentagon grass, and the traces of plane found were not enough for a plane motor like Boeing 757. The plane would not have melted under that heat because it weighed 6 tons. The government officials and the president behaviors were suspicious. The president held a brief statement on television on the evening of the attacks and pledged to find those responsible. He then sought approval to proceed with a military attack against the Afghanistan from the Congress and before the occurrence of the attack the government ignored warnings of terrorism. The report on 9/11 attack state that Bush administration did not take the attack with surprise Griffin 16).

According to NIST, the collapse was caused by fire when an airplane crashed into the two towers brewing off fire protection on the buildings. The plane feels on the buildings, and the floors became weak, and the fell on each other causing the collapse. The building was built with steel-frame, but it was too light to withstand an airplane attack. According to the reports of the investigations of 9/11 President Bush had a strong business relationship with Osama Bin Laden and he failed to honor a business agreement, and the terrorists attacked in revenge. The terrorists wanted to prove that they powerful to attack the United States a country that is believed to have strong military power. The Al-Qaeda terrorists released videotapes claiming to be responsible for the terrible attack. The terrorist group was afraid of the war against terrorism declared by the United States (LaFree, Dugan, and Miller 90). They knew that the country had nuclear weapons that can destroy them and because they could not attack militarily, the targeted the two buildings as symbol targets. Twin Towers as the center of the World Trade Center symbolized American economic power and stability as well as globalization. Pentagon, the Department of Defense headquarters, was also a symbol target because they would weaken its defense capacity. The terrorists thought that by attacking the two departments that make the United States a superpower, they would increase widespread fear and anxiety in united and across the world to stop them from attacking Taliban and also fund their projects in the Muslim world( Griffin 13).

In conclusion, many explanations have been brought about by the 9/11 attack and most reports claim that it was a terrorist attack because they wanted the US government to stop interfering with their activities. The attack was a symbol to weaken the use economy and also their military attack and promote fear across the country so that the government would give in to their demands. However, I believe that the attack was a false flag operation making it look like a terrorist attack so that they could go into war at Taliban.


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