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Essay Example: Introduction to Greek History

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Greek is also known as Hellenes, and Greece Hellas. The names of Greece have evolved to modern name Greece that originated from Roman conquerors. In eighth century BC, colonization has already occupied Greek population all over the Mediterranean. By fifth century BC classic Greek had previously coordinated themselves into an independent country with free citizens states named polis that represented political organs such as Athens, Sparta, and Ephesus among others (Edmunds &Lowell). Every political polis had its own laws currency and government systems. The independent period in Greece was under King Philip II and his son Alexander the great they took control over Greece; however the death Alexander in 323 BC the Greek mainland split into two with each split under different Macedonian governors. This point Greek democracy died for the significant period. Also, Greece suffered in World War II when German-occupied Greece. The period Greece has complicated violent and civil war at broke out between broadly communist and backed government forces in 1944 to 1949. Due to this Greek ruler inclined to the west, but they have a vital anti-western sentiment. In 1967, Greece achieved a remarkable history when military the over threw the ruling government that was under monarchy system. 1974 to 1974 Greece was induced into a democratic republic. The nation joined EU in 1981 adopted the euro.

However, the history of Greek is made up of an area of the modern nation-states of Greece people and the territory that inhabits historically. The sphere Greek habitation and rules are encompassed through ages. Additionally, Greek history is divided into following period. Neolithic, Helladic or bronze age ancient Greece, classical Greece, and modern Greece. This divisions history represents a given time and stages that Greece has undergone to achieve the modern Greece. This period marks a transition period ranging from economic status to political achievement among others.

Greek Cosmology

Cosmology entails the study of the origin, an evolution of the world and its massive scale of the structure. The first cosmology was formed out of myths that trials to elaborate people originality. To this effect, the Greek cosmologies apparently are the first population to look upon heaven as the asset of phenomena that is amenable to people comprehension that sometimes differs with fickle whims of gods (Kahn & Charles). In early times Greeks view on the world and its origin was based on creation myths centralized by homer in the Iliad and Odyssey. As the cultural beliefs keep evolving the outlook of universal is distanced itself from religious views. Greek early sailors firmly depended on heavily celestial bodies; this fact brought about the theory that heavens presented very clear regularities gave birth to the concept of the world. This is the similar argument that changed seasons among Greeks. Also, the earliest Greeks cosmologies were deeply meaningfully because of it intimately related to the mythology that, universal was surrounded by air above the water and Hades below. As the time passed this belief was replaced by the more sophisticated approach to the nature of cosmos. For example, Anaxagoras of Clazomenae argued that moons only shine through the light at is obtain from sun reflection. They are many cosmologies theory that trials to address various evolution around the world these cosmos differ from the different community because every community has its indigenous history of originality.

Greek Literature

The Greeks literature contains deep meaningfully information that started in 800 BCE to the Modern Greek today. The Greek literature was coined and written in ancient Greek dialects. This work includes the oldest surviving written information since the fifth century. However, this period is divided into Preclassical, Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman times. First, preclassical explain the myth of Greek people and work of homers, lied and Odyssey. While classical describe the period of Greek events that found history. Hellenistic justify the death of kings son Alexander as well as the establishment of Roman Empire. The final literature is Roman age was coined in Latin and contributed a vital work in Greek poetry that is meaningful to modern generation because it related history to present history. Literature facts are the most important because they contain the written history of community beliefs since ancestors period and political circumstances.

Greek Politics and Military

Greece is a parliament republic. The president of Greece is elected by parliament after every five years, headed by states. The prime minister is the head of the government. The Greek ministerial council is made up of 4 organs namely, Prime Minister, Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Ministers. The ministers in Greece are the organ that is entitled to making collective decisions that oversee the operation of activities. In Greece, the legislative power is carried out by the parliament and president of the nation (Veremes &Thanos, 255). The president of the republic excises the executive power. Judicial authorities are manifested in the court of Greece, and all decided that is conducted by the court is executed in the name of the people. On the other hand, the Greek military army consists of national defence forces, staff, the Hellenic Army, Hellenic Navy and the Hellenic air force. The minister of national defence is the entitled to oversee all civilian military authority. Greece has systems that recruit all 18 years above to serve in the military for nine months both female and male.


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