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Weekly Assignment on Marketing

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Middlebury College
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I choose Target store which sells the products mentioned in this paper that are local to the Midwest.

Brand Extensions

Jell-O pudding pops emerge as an example of this category. As such, Jell-O gelatin creates this product and markets it using the Jell-O brand name. Consequently, profitability is realized from offerings in more than a single product category. In addition, formidable consumer associations of this brands values also take shape.


Red Bull and GoPro is an example in this case. In this partnership, the former was set to receive equity from the latter. Besides, the two firms agreed to share content rights on productions as well as related content. Besides, GoPro was meant to emerge as Red Bulls point-of-view camera.

A House of Brands

Unilever is an example in this segment. It has a robust portfolio that stretches from food to hygienic products. Hygienic offerings include Axe, Flora, Lux, and Rexona among others. Food products include Hellmanns and Becel.

Branded House

Apple is an example of this category. The firm has different products on offer. At the same time, the MacBook, iPad, and the iPhone remain attached intricately to the master brand. All in all, Apples logo is found on all the firms sub-brands. Notably, all of this firms products have the Apple logo on their back.

Product in the Introduction Phase

McDonalds McChicken sauce is an example in this stage. The company announced that it was launching this product around March 2017. Furthermore, McDonalds introduced it alongside Filet-O-Fish sauces and the Big Mac. Its introduction created a buzz due to different consumer responses to this product.

Product in the Growth Phase

Sony 4K TV is an example in this segment. As such, this stage marks the positioning of this product in the market. Technological advancements have translated to increasing adoption of this type of TV. Furthermore, this product has envisaged increased sales for the manufacturer as well as higher profit margins.

Product in the Maturity Phase

HP Windows 10 Cloudbook is an example in this category. Laptops such as this one have become increasingly smaller, thereby making it easy to travel with them. As such, HP has capitalized on this opportunity by establishing its market as well as growing its sales in order to attain a significant market share. Furthermore, this stage marks the period where companies seek to revitalize their products to ascertain their dominance and customer preference.

Product in the Decline Phase

Sony portable cassette player is an example in this case. Due to technological changes, this product has experienced a decline in sales as well as a dip in profit. This situation has been attributed to the increasing use of phones to listen to music. The introduction of applications such as iTunes has drastically reduced the market share for cassette players.

Innovative Example of Packaging

POM wonderful pomegranate juice is an example in this segment. The product is packaged in an ordinary tall drinking glass. Besides, it is covered with a lid as well as a clear shrink wrap label. Buyers get to reuse the free glass after using the product.

Price Spread

For this product, this concept describes the variances between prices at three different levels. A good example is pork meat. They are the farm, wholesale, and retail segments. Three price spreads could be estimated from the three levels. As such, they are the farm-wholesale, wholesale-retail, as well as the farm-retail. It is essential to note that costs for factors, for example labor, storage, and transportation cannot be estimated from price spread. Price spread exists in order to understand different marketing levels that define what it would cost to purchase products from them.


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