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Essay on Viral Marketing: Candide Thovex Skis the World

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Viral marketing has become a widely used marketing technique to create brand awareness via social media sites and other technologies by encouraging users to share in efforts for organizations to meet marketing objectives. One of the latest viral marketing features a short ski film by the legend Candide Thovex in collaboration with Audi. The ad campaign was meant to market the Audi Quattro2. The short film follows Thovex freeriding in the gorgeous places across the globe in different terrain and landscapes. It has been the leading viral video on the internet for the past week with over 35.7 million views ( Candide Thovex Skis the World is one of the best campaign videos that has gone viral and make a direct connection with the audience.

First and foremost, the campaign video has gone viral because Candide Thovex is a legend in the sports world. At the age of 35, Thovex, a French national has showcased his expertise in freeriding by skiing on off-piste and natural terrain ("Ski the World"). He has a massive following on YouTube with 248,000 subscribers on his official channel. Besides, his YouTube videos always reach millions of views. In 2015, Thovex officially partnered with Audi and his clips down the alpine grass, maneuvers around a herd of cows, and jumping over roads went viral. In that instance, the Frenchman illustrated his mastery of skiing. Therefore, Thovex has portrayed his ability to deliver without disappointing the audience.

In the current video campaign marketing Audi Q7, Thovex searched the world for the right spots to showcase the unique skiing skills with specially designed freeride skis. The campaign was shot in America, Europe, and Asia. The campaign kicked off on Northern Europe by skiing on the grass with fantastic video shots. There were also impressive video shots on the jungle, sand, volcanic ash, water and on the Great Wall of China that captured the attention of the audience ("Ski The World"). The camera angles, flawless first movements and incredible locations coupled with Thovexs skiing skills were enough for the campaign video to go viral. Most captivating fact is the fact that Thovex and his team scaled the world for areas without snow. The photography aspect of the project was also impressive. The photographers took gorgeous pictures of the freeride fast-paced ski on all the different terrains. Not only did the videos and photographs capture Thovexs skills, but also the beauty of nature.

According to the video, Audi is all about durability and quality construction. The skis illustrated that they could withstand abuse from stone stairs, rocky slopes, dunes and jungle floors. It sends a clear message that the Audi Q7 is an incredible machine built for the city and rugged off-road terrain. Furthermore, the fact that there was no snow in the video, it was enough to capture the viewers attention and curiosity.

In conclusion, the Audi-Thovex partnership video went viral because of impressive video quality. Besides, the short skiing film is not a conventional one and features terrains across three continents. The campaign video captures shots of beautiful grass, rocky, jungle, and volcanic ash slopes. Also, the video captivates the viewers attention by showcasing Candide Thovex skiing on the Great Wall of China. Apart from that, Thovex is a legend, a seasoned skier who shows the ease in skiing. Through his Youtube channel, he takes viewers in incredible tours, and therefore his is widely renowned. Lastly, Audi is a successful brand, and through the partnership with Thovex, they have created two viral videos since 2015.

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