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Unethical Issues in Company - Essay Example

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Even though most of the colleagues are living with the attitude that business is somehow operating outside the norms of village life, and those who are running a business can depend on their rules on how everything is operating, it is important to note that business ethics is not rubbish, and business actions can be evaluated by a standard that is logical, objective and rational. The standard involves the basic human need which focuses on the necessary conditions facilitating healthy growth, rudimentary sense of satisfaction and flourishing. However, what is happening is that everyone in the village is working on paying their bills and involving themselves on selling and making something that someone else is really in need for. In the process of getting what we need, business is considered to be fundamental is playing such a role and at all cost its insane in thinking that ethics is not applicable at all.

The main role of a business is to contribute to the kind of life that all of us is in need of; generally, it offers the services and goods that we are in need of. In a manner that is consistent with promoting and respecting business action and basic human needs making sure that such needs are met. For example in the case where a profit-oriented hospital is achieving the high return on investment by having to compromise on the patient's health, it's neither good business nor a good hospital. The fact is that if the for-profit hospital is not providing our villagers with the kind of medical care that they need. Or in case one of the private universities is not providing the right skills and knowledge to be imparted to the students even though they are in the process making serious money, they are viewed not to be doing their job as business.

I concur with Socrates that its nothing fancy in making maximum profit with the focus on achieving much as we run away. In the process of making money, one is supposed to consider the ethics, the long-term risk the responsibility the job is playing on the villagers. Even though the maximum profit focus on making money, it is important to also focus on the long-term, making sure that we stay in business to achieve the long-term benefit. In handling business currently, what should be considered is staying in business for the long-term and not value business ethics as rubbish what should be emphasized is that one is not capable of gaining maximum profit without having maintained an ethical operation.

According to what is happening currently and the traditional behavior of nature, nature has placed humankind under the two sovereign master that is recognized as pleasure and pain. It is through the two that we are capable of pointing out what we are supposed to be doing and providing the great measure of the standard of wrong and right. On the other hand, it is demonstrated that by measure, the utility is in place that property like any other object tends to be associated with various advantages, benefits, good, happiness and pleasure. Additionally what should come in with the package is that the product s should also prevent pain, mischief, unhappiness, and evil. According to Socrates, confidence is demonstrated by the usefulness of something. Ideally, something is morally good only if it has a greater use and a better utility. Additionally, its value is realized if only it is preventing pain and if it produces pleasure. Comparatively, just like benefit analysis, a project or a deal makes sense just if the advantages are greater than the general costs, and some kind of pleasure is more valuable and desirable than others. Sense will not be seen, while in estimating all other things quality is considered as the quantity of the product. Pleasure estimation is supposed to have its dependency on quantity alone.

According to discussion raised by Mill, the fact is that individuals who have experienced the potential costs and benefits are in the great position of judging which is better. That understands which costs and benefits are more satisfying or essential and which costs or pain are more serious. Every bit of unethical behavior that involves cheating, lying, stealing trade secrets, bribery and other likes will raise the general cost of conducting business. Unethical issues in company develop a strong norm that will force one to operate in an environment of distrust.


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